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Retirement bike

Have bought my bike as I retire in a few months and want something to get around on as well as to keep me fit and this fits the bill . It's good ,sturdy and should last me for many years

Not Bad

Bought this for my wife and to be honest we are both pretty impressed. 4 power levels and suspension. Can't quite work out how to remove the battery but luckily we can charge whilst still on the bike.

Emu roam electric bike

Bike is brilliant and the company went above and beyond to make sure all went smoothly. Thank yiu

Excellent Bike, Poor Instructions

The bike itself is solid, comfortable and easy to ride. Very stable and with a decent motor. It's also a bit of an eye-turner - a very good looking bike. The folding mechanism is great, as is the seat-post battery. Comes with mudguards, a rear rack, lights and a bell and is a joy to ride once you get it set up - and that's the only issue. The instructions are unhelpful, and the videos made by Eovolt are no longer available on YouTube. At the very least, dividing the bolts into two packets: mudguards and rack, would help. Once assembled however, there's nothing not to like about this bike.

Keep on riding

Wow what a bike. As my second e-bike this ticks all the boxes. Lighter frame and mid frame motor make the handling balanced and light. The motor is very responsive and with a battery range over 100km means running out of power before I get home- highly unlikely. AND it looks amazing - bit of a beast really. With a medical condition that was threating my long-loved time on a bike, this has bought me many more years to keep on riding.

ECONIC One - brilliant electric

Really great looking SMART* bike (*in many ways since it remotely locks and is traceable). ECONIC in Bulgaria are fabulous in giving great customer support and Gila’s (from Electric Rider) recommendation is much appreciated.

My new bike

I've been looking around for an electric bike for a while now, and lighted upon this one. In my garage, I've got a Shogun off-road bike which I can't get on with because it keeps picking up punctures, so I'm only o roads now. I've also got a Mezzo folder which is magnificent, easy to ride and weight only 11.7kg. But my knees don't work as well as they did 70 years ago, so I'm moving to electric.

This bike fits my bill. I got it only today, but I'm hooked already. The Shogun will go but I'll hang on to the Mezzo becase of the weight and size advantage, great for holidays, even even my Mini. The E-Go Max fills the boot but I don't really want it for holidays, it'll earn its living trundling round the lanes and steep hills of the Surrey Downs, for recreation, shopping, anything really.

Defintely a keeper.

Great service

I received my bike and looks great. Mike who delivered the bike was fantastic and talked me through it all. I ordered my bike with Sam and the was great customer service. I had all my questions answered and was kept up to date by email and phone calls on when the bike would be delivered. Only thing I would say is that it would be nice if you was told when ordering the bike that you could take out yearly maintenance on bike when you order bike . I was was not aware of this. But is a fantastic bike and great customer service

Neomouv Montana S First Impression

Great ebike for the money. Shimano Steps e6100 system is smooth and powerful. Bike handles very well on a variety of surfaces. Range is impressive...

Transformational riding

It's not very often you get a product that vastly exceeds your expectations - but my Neomouva Enara has done just that!

Very happy

I had to wait a little while for my bike due to covid but I was kept in the loop by the team and over the moon with my bike. Would 110% buy another bike from the team at electric rider.

All good in the end

Having taken delivery of the Wisper 705 dissappointed to find no tools included to fit pedals and no torx screwdriver to affix front mudguard and no instructions. Even more dissapointed to find that, once assembled, the bike didn't provide any power. Electric Rider replied to my email promptly, advising me to take the bike to a wisper dealer near me, have the bike repaired and they would refund costs. Took the bike to Grafham Water bike shop who promptly diagnosed the problem, contacted Wisper who then sent the required part, under warranty, for the dealer to fix. Turnaround of 3 days so big thank you to the Grafham Water team. Also big thanks to Electric Rider for the help given.Wife really pleased with the bike, just dissappointed with the questionable QC checks before bike was dispatched from Wisper.

Mate x bike

These bikes are absolutely brilliant and the costumer service is 100%. We are so pleased with the bikes and also the service you gave us keep the good work up.

A Robust Hybride Commuter

This is a solid and good looking electric commuter hybrid bike with mudguards and a kick stand. It has road bike tyres.
It rides perfectly with the power switched off. I reach a sustainable top speed of 20 mph on flat roads with no electric assistance.
The bike is easy to switch on and selecting the assistance level is very easy. Just click the + button for more electric help and - for less. Electric assistance at level 3, which is the maximum available, will give you a smooth and pleasant boost that you can feel. This will take you up to 15.5 mph within seconds. You can pedal harder to go faster but the motor will cease to help you once you reach 16 mph.

On the hills, the full power of this bike becomes manifest. It automatically gives a powerful kick once it senses you are going up the hill. Just keep pedalling in the correct gears and you will be amazed as you climb any incline at 15 mph without punishing your legs. No grimacing. No sweat.

The 14 ah buttery lasts for 3 days on my 20 miles return journey on each day without any need to recharge it. This is at level 3 maximum assistance but with normal cycling input from my pedalling, keeping the speed at 16 mph.This means with my riding style, the buttery lasts for more than 60 miles at maximum assistance level without needing to recharge. Also remember that on flat ground, the bike goes faster with power off. It's a bit harder to maintain a top speed of 20 mph if the assistance level is on. So I just turn it off on flat ground and on descending and back on again on inclines and at stops for quick acceleration and flattening hills.
The bike has only 6 gears and the range is narrow. Climbing hills without electric assistance is very hard or impossible, depending on gradient. The high speed gear gave me 27 mph on descending with power off. I think this bike would be 100 percent perfect with a 7 speed cassette 11-34t as this would provide a 34 t climbing gear and an 11t for top speed.

On the whole, this is a versatile bike that will definitely put a smile on anyone's face.
Yes I would buy this bike again and upgrade it to suit my needs a bit more. Here is how:
1- use gravel bike tyres
2- install hydraulic brakes
3- Install 11-34 t cassette
4- use a suspension seat post

Indik8a Safety Indication 2021
Great product. High visibility and easy to use. Comfortable fit.
Great effective product

Really pleased with this product. Great effective indicator for high visibility on the road. Easy to
Use and a comfortable
Fit. Would recommend.

Great bike

So glad i waited a few weeks for this to be back in stock, loving the step through as i am 66 and have a hip replacement. Am enjoying cycling again woohoo

Excellent quality and valud

Looks good, good power and all the facilities i need.
The step through design is making it easier for me to use.
Easyrider provided excellent after sales service and information.

Great wheels!

Absolutely love my bike. Great service from Electric Rider despite delays and Covid challenges. It's been a pleasure doing business with Gila.

Great surpise - love my Eskuta

Not only did I get amazing service from the team I also love my little new bike. I chose the Eskuta as it was almost a cross between a scooter and a bike. The assist walking mode is a great touch and it works perfectly for me for the money to get to and from work without the hassle I once had of parking. Can't fault it - maybe it could be a Harley Davidson, but I'm not that brave.

Fabulous bike

I love my new bike, its easy to ride, has a long battery life, very comfortable and a smooth ride.

Mari Carmen Garzás García-Pliego
My new Wisper 705 step-through electric bike

I am very pleased with my bike. It is extremely comfortable to ride it. The throttle makes a difference in the steepest hills. As for the 5 levels of assistance, I mostly use 2 and 3, as I find it more than enough. I highly recommend this bike.


Attentive after delaay arriving

First experience of an e bike

Our e- bikes arrived after a very long wait! We had some issues getting them up and running as there were absolutely no instructions not even a diagram to tell us what was what. However, contacting our online supplier, Electric Rider, we were able to do a video call and although we still had to go to a local bike shop,
It was very reassuring that we had this support. Our first ride of only 8 miles up and down a steep set of hills was exhilerating and so easy. We are both retired and haven’t cycled in years so this is now a new adventure.

Good bike

Excellent bike for the money. Easy to ride, easy to fold. It has made my work commute a pleasurable experience.