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Eskuta SX250

I fell in love with my 3skuta SX250 the first time I rode it, and is very pleasant and comfortable to ride It is a very attractive machine that catches the eye and encourages favourable
However, I don't approve of 14 year old being permitted to ride it on. Public highways, it takes a little while to get used to, compared to a conventional bycicle. Also, anyone who has not had experience riding a petrol powered motorbike might have some difficulty controlling it. But that aside, I would recommend one to anyone looking for an alternative and cheaper means of transport than a motor car or motorbike

Efficient Transportation

Best buy bike ever, it won't let you down!🥰

Synchgo Longtail

I have only had the bike a couple of weeks, but I love it, and so does my son! I wanted it as I live on the coast with a lot of hills which stop me from using my normal bike for what would otherwise be a pretty short trip. Its perfect. I can use for taking my son to School, heading to the office, visiting customers in the local area and going for a surf. I have barely used any fuel since I got the bike. It is going to pay for itself in no time!
With the cost of fuel and the pay for parking going up, this is the perfect solution.

Love this E-Go bike.

I needed something to help with rehabilitating my hips and legs after being semi stationary for around 2 years with a severe bout of Fibromyalgia. I also live in a flat and was not allowed to keep my mobility scooter in the stair wells. I started to look in to an electric powered bike or scooter and came across this folding lightweight E bike. Perfect for being able to get up 4 flights of steps with my limited strength .. Foldable to pop into the car boot .. The option to pedal.. pedal assist or use the cruise function. I ordered my bike and upon receiving it I unpacked and as there were no instructions in my box I looked online and got the info I needed pretty quickly and a quick email to the guys here at Electric Rider and I knew how to use the power functions straight away. It is built apart from the peripherals which need to be fitted and the tyres will not be pumped all the way so you will need to get them done at the bike shop or petrol station unless you have a fitting for the types of wheels as they are smaller but it was not bother to me to get that done. You will want to get a big bum seat if you are a bit larger like myself and that makes it a very comfy ride. I have had it round my local park a few times now to get used to the functions which did not take long to get up to scratch with and can honestly say I was having a lot of fun. Perfect for my limited mobility.. Folding and opening the bike is a bit stiff to start with but soon loosens up nicely .. You are supplied with tools to do the fitting of the mudguards and tightening of the bits and bobs that will need adjusted to your settings ..Really easy and not a bother at all. My friend had the pannier rack, bag and big bum seat for me already but you can buy these as an add on and I also got the battery upgrade to 7aH. Very happy customer.

E Rider Jazz

After a lot of research I chose the Jazz. New model this year. I wanted the bike mainly to commute to work. Delivery was longer than expected. When it arrived the bike had a few scratches which I repoted and was offered money off. The bike was registered with the DVLA but came with no number plate. Also no manual so had to go online. The bike drives really well, I am pleased with it. I am still waiting for the security lock. It is light enough for me to manoeuvre. I feel I am going to enjoy driving it.

Top bike

This eBike is absolutely fantastic for the money! Arrived fully built on next day shipping.


Can't fault this bike and getting to work is so easy now.

Nice one

Impressed with the quality of the eBike for this price, probably best in market at this budget!! 4*

Solid build and super fun

Had an amazing experience purchasing this from Electric Rider. Arrived literally next day fully assembled and ready to go! Took it out and been in love ever since. Super nice power delivery and seems like a very well selected set of parts that will last for many years. thanks Electric rider

Top quality for trails

Been out on this a few times now. Absolutely amazed at how it handles off-road terrain - I'm absolutely overjoyed and take it out almost every day!!

Best value

Very happy with this purchase - super eBike at an amazing price Quality is just right with my commuting and leisure rides being very comfortable. I know that I can rely on this model for many years to come. Thanks Electric Rider

Super duper

Haven’t had the bike long enough to test the battery length but am very very pleased with the product so far! All staff were friendly and knowledgeable about their products. After having a go on my bike, My Nextdoor neighbour has ordered the same bike from them today!

Excellent purchase & riding style

My new Ampere Deluxe Small e-bike is the first e-bike I have owned and is just the right size for shorter folk like me (I’m 5’4″). I have only been on one ride so far but it certainly makes going uphill easy.

Lowai Abdullah
Strong solid

Very happy with the product is solid easy to carry on and Looks reliable

Erider Model 18 48V Electric Bike
Andrea Bell
Model 18

Brilliant service, great bike

Super monkey 750w

Great e bike and easy to use. Very comfortable plus with the added throttle makes life easy crusing along. Love this bike

Well built

Arrived built up and ready to go. Super sturdy build quality and easy to use. All the user info had previously been emailed to me so I knew how to oper6the contrbefore it arrived. Brilliant bike.

Wisper M9

I have received my bike eventually from Wisper. The bike is excellent well built with good specs. I have used it a few times and I am very pleased with the performance. Although it is heavy it had massive amounts of power I am 17stone and had no problem with two panniers full of shopping. Greg, at Electric rider was fantastic really helpful with chasing up Wisper to get my bike delivered and gave me some excellent additional items. Electric rider are a good firm with good customer services. Wisper on the other hand might make excellent bikes, but their customer services are appalling!

Great bike

We purchased 2 of these bikes in July 21 these have been our first electric bikes, they have been great I cant believe the amount of off roading we have done on the bikes. The power delivery is great the hills are very steep around us and we are getting around 30 miles per battery. If you stay in power settings 1 and 2 you should get around 50 miles. The only thing we have had go wrong was the chain slipped off once but the shop took a link out and no issues since. I have now ordered the same bike with full suspension.

Whisper 750

Great surport from E-Rider. Sam was great. I needed a new E-Bike, & this was the place to get one. Definitely worth a visit.,😁😁😁

All good much impressed.

Had my Basis Beacon 14ah from e-bikes direct for 4 months now it has been faultless
so far , I made a few mods to suit my height 6.2 like a handle bar riser.
comfy seat and mudguards, the bike seems very well made and robust,
at age 76 I am no longer afraid to tackle any hill, I mainly only use
power mode 1and the range is very good I guess about 50 miles and
I live in a very hilly area on the south downs,The battery is very easy to
remove to charge in house or can be charged on bike, I would that
a higher top gear would help if you want to pedal at speed but I can
manage about 20mph with a favorable gradiant suits me fine, all in
I would highly recomend this bike as being very good for the price.

4 years since purchase

Bought two with partner as both folders fit in the back of small estate car. Use the bikes mainly off road on disused train paths, so the Compact Plus attracted me due to substantial construction and relatively light weight. I was keen to try an E-Bike without using any power, and it's a fallacy that you don't get a workout on an E-Bike as the new challenge is to arrive back at the car with the bike battery still on full power. Still, with some arthritis it's handy not to worry about exceeding my enthusiasm on distance, and the Compact Plus has enabled me to do 26 miles instead of 10 on my non-ebike. I did reprogram it's computer to give me 7 power levels so No 1 is 40% instead of 50% which doesn't sound much different but I prefer gentler assistance.

I'm 176cm tall and the Compact Plus is at its maximum height. It's a bit sit up and beg. It's not built for speed so I'm usually 8-10 mph without power so all other cyclists and joggers overtake me, but who cares?
I'm usually on a trail somewhere with binoculars and flask, but if I need power to get up a hill in traffic, I can choose to do that too.
The bike isn't normally in my living room, but I've just been doing a few adjustments in comfort.

Brilliant bike!

The eskuta is a very good as a moped bike and behaves, hanlles exellently,however it was fairly heavy got me as I have balance problems and as such, not handled a moped style before, it was not for me but it will suit many customers,.


The best bike i have ever invested in. All ready build in the box , all i did was give it a once over. Cuts out all that peddle power.

Synchgo Long Tail Super Monkey

Although I’ve only recently received the bike, so far so good. It’s very good and we have adapted to it very well. Both myself and my partner have used it briefly and are very happy with it.