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Great service

The advice and help purchasing the bikes was invaluable, the sales person Sam went beyond what I had expected. This made an initially uninformed purchase, easy to understand and a less stressful event. Thank you.

First class service

After 3 months delay due to covid and distribution issues finally got my bike, Gila was very helpful when setting up bike, have had several exhilarating rides and would recommend both bike an electric rider to anyone.

Ride the dream

A great ride. Makes life so much more enjoyable. Got from Electric Rider, can't recommend them enough!

Emu Evo Crossbar Electric Bike

Bike arrived well packaged and was easily assembled. An excellent ride. My only issue is with the display. The key item you need to see clearly is which of the 5 levels of pedal assistance is engaged but this figure is blue and is difficult to see - especially in bright sunlight. The other, less vital numbers are white and are always clearly visible.

The Emu Roam Free e-bike offers good styling looks and build quality for the price. It rides well comfortable and climbs steep hills with little effort very pleased with the bike. small problem is rust around lower parts of the rack.does not effect pleasure of the ride.

Worth waiting for

I had to wait a while for my bike but now that it has been delivered, I am really pleased with it. The battery is very easy to insert and remove. The bike is easy to ride with adjustable handlebars so I can sit upright. I have been using the bike for exercise but using the throttle when needed is so useful when going up hills as I am 70 years old and have not cycled for over ten years. I would definitely recommend this bike.

Amazing Bike love it

Got my first juicy Ebike and I love it. Amazing bike

It really works!

My old bike had become too big for me, and the hills around my house are formidable. Now, I am cycling a couple of miles most days at the age of 80. I am getting the exercise, but it is enjoyable because of the battery assist.

Great bike

Really good ebike. Very comfy and amazing battery life. I would highly recommend 👌.

MiRider 1

Very happy with my new e-bike, its easy to fold and is very nippy around town plus looks great. Compared to the other e-bikes on the market for commuters this is a clear winner for value and the build quality is top notch.

E-go +bike

Looks good just need a kinder saddle for my bum

Excellent quality

After buckets and buckets of research I chose this amazing Aviris electric bike. Brilliant and better than i could have hoped for

Econic urban one

Bike arrived on due date. Great ride and so easy for an 84 year old. Only niggle, nowhere to fit bottle carrier or pump easily solved with a £20 pannier bag.

Great service and a great bike

The service I received was excellent. I live in a non-VAT country and they even deducted the VAT.
The bike itself is absolutely horrific. Would highly recommend it

Great Fun

A few hiccups initially due to crossed messages, but the response was impressive and more than helpful. My lovely orange ebike was delivered fully assembled and ready to go. Not tested yet to its limits, but it has happily taken me through woods and trails in addition to roads, towpaths and locksides. It's a comfortable ride and folds easily. One very happy bunny! Thank you

Excellent bike.

A very good bike, strong and well finished. However, the delivery service could be improved. The packaging was in a bad state when it arrived and the bike was scratched. The seller refunded enough money to allow me to buy some touch up paint so I am a satisfied customer. The only other problem was in trying to contact 'Juicy Bikes', the seller. I could not contact them either by phone or email and it was only by the helpful intervention of 'Electric Rider' that the issue of the damaged paint was resolved.

RooDog Tourer

Only used the bike on a couple of short rides but seems great, we are going to take it on a months caravan trip with us to hilly Wales soon so it will get a good test, only moan is Electric Rider are poor at communication as it's impossible to talk to their office after the initial sales side and emails take up to 24 hours to reply, also my wife's bike took an extra week to arrive as it seems to have been delivered to Windsor instead of Bolton and again communication was poor. However both bikes came undamaged, easy to put together and ride really well.

Neomouv facelia 'step through'

Extremely happy with this purchase. Although a little anxious about buying such an expensive item entirely from Internet page, I need not have worried. Bike is just what I needed as a small rider, (5ft 1in). Was fully charged on arrival and only needed pedals attached and handlebars turned and tightened.- I would add that the box was very heavy, especially at the rear end. I have ventured out on 4 trips so far between 45 mins and 90 mins and only just decided to charge the battery .- which was still showing around 30%. So far all is fine. Excellent purchase.

Love this bike!

Not much of a cyclist, but really enjoyed going out on the bike. There's still gears to help traverse different road conditions, and absolutely loving the pedal assist uphills. Slightly heavier than a normal bike and rarely use the folding feature, but still a big fan. Not sure if the gears are completely necessary for casual riders though.

Things are getting serious with folding electric assist cycles .

I went to our local dealer to test two of the new folding electric assist bikes they had in stock . One was a conventioal Raliegh with similar spec as the Falcon . The two bikes couldn't have been very different .
I didn't anticipate the Falcon's ability , the ride is smooth , with clean gear changes , comfy and very positive in the way it handled . The electric assist is easy to operate and gives just the right amount of extra 'power' when needed . The styling is very neat in that the aloy beam frame hides all the cables with no ugly welds , the lines of the bike are smooth and look like a much more expensive machine . The weight is average for the type of bike it is and does take some effort to get it into the back of the car .
The gear shifter is well made by Shimano and offers 6 gears , which seems to be enough for most roads .

The tyres are the cheapest you could put on a bike , not that good and are nylon made in China ( they will be replaced in the coming months ) ...
Cable operated disc brakes front and rear with good stopping power and easy to maintain . The saddle is very comfy and will stay on the bike .

The overall quality of the build is pretty high considering the price and is competitive and about right .

A couple of points to mention would be the battery, the mudgards and the rubber flap that covers the battery compartment .

Firstly the battery . in my view it would be best to re charge the power pack after around 50 % of use , don't let it run down completely this will help with longevity .
Apparently the battery is good for around 500 charges and then will need replacement .

The mudgards are pretty useless especially the rear gard , it doesn't cover the gap between the battery compartment and will let in the wet and crud . I've changed the front gard for the rear and ditched the rear gard . This works far better and offers some protection from the rear wheel. The rubber flap coveing the battery compartment doesn't slot into any grooves around the holder and does need to be fixed with some velcro or similar .

Conclusion - All in all a very good bike with some minor faults which are all fixable ...

Stylish e-bike

It is exactly what I wanted: going up hills is like riding on the flat. It is light-weight and easy to charge up. I love it!
You will need help in assembling the bike, unless you are an engineer.

Amazing bike

This is a wonderful bike. Stylish and well designed. Sporty with clean lines. Super lightweight with great assist. Adaptable to suit both you and your terrain. The Bluetooth connection makes it easy to keep on track with speed, distance and battery level. I love the charging option. Can’t get out on it often enough.

Great e-bike

I’m really enjoying getting out and about on my Ezego Trail Destroyer.
My first e-bike took a couple of months to get here but it was worth the wait, thanks to the recommendation from Electric Rider. I find I’m now going further afield than in my standard bike, which means I’m enjoying it more and not worried about a few hills anymore!

EZEGO Trail Destroyer.

Just been out for my first ride on my Trail Destroyer,11miles through the forest and an absolute pleasure to ride.Would highly recommend EZEGO Trail Destroyer and Electricrider.


This is my first e-bike and I am impressed! I have a knee injury which prevents me from doing all but the lightest excercise, but this bike enables me to get fit and excercise my knees to whatever level I need without causing pain.