Business Fleets

At Electric Rider, we will partner with you to effectively implement the use of eMobility Transport in your business or workforce. We can source any product you require and match your needs exactly.

If you are purchasing more than 1 Unit of any eMobility product we can offer you a significant cost saving and maintenance offering - significantly better for peace of mind than going manufacturer direct.

Our tailor made packages are a single step solution for achieving Greenhouse Gas reduction targets, financial savings, a fit and healthy workforce and doing your part towards a future built on sustainable transport.

Fleet requirements can be wide and varied, so let Electric Rider show you how electric personal transportation can enhance your business. Benefit from our extensive commercial expertise and years of industry experience. 

What can Electric Rider help with? 
  • eScooter fleets to make time/cost efficiencies around large work areas 
  • Hire fleets for leisure 
  • eBike fleets for office or campus sharing 
  • eCargo bikes for congestion-beating, emission-free deliveries
  • eMoped / eMotorbikes for efficient city travel avoiding congestion fees

Electric bikes, eMopeds & eMotorbikes take the negatives out of cycling, removing the traditional cycling barriers, such as hills, wind and long journey times.

If you require a fleet that your staff AND customers can rely on, you need to work with partners who will put your business first. We can help you build a bespoke proposition, arriving at the correct electric solution for the job, support your fleet management and – with our mobile mechanic network UK Wide – we can keep your fleet maintained and up and running.

Employee's can travel in their work clothes and there is no longer the need to shower or change at the destination.

And don't forget the health benefits that help you achieve a happy, fit and stress free work force.

Electric bikes can travel up to 30 miles at 15mph. They can then be recharged at a cost of around 2p! The motor simply kicks in when you start to pedal and the more pressure you put on the pedals the faster the bike will go.

With eMopeds / eMotorbikes you can easily navigate in across cities, many can reach ranges of 100km in one charge - perfect for couriers, delivery drivers, city based businesses and the list goes on.

For us to recommend the right eMobility product(s) for you, please complete our Help Me Choose Form Here.