Litelok bike locks are available to buy here for bicycles, mopeds, and motorbikes. Not sure which ones are best for you? Jump on the live chat and ask our knowledgeable team.

Where to buy Litelok?

If you are happy to shop for Litelok online, then our internet store we hope answers that question: "Where to buy Litelok?" Alternatively, our growing service and support network experts will keep a range of high-quality products available to purchase near to you.

Find out more about the brand below

Is Litelok any good?

It's normal to ask the question "Is Litelok any good?" particularly when it comes to securing something that is both financially valuable but also socially important, such as your bike or motorcycle. You want a good brand for the job in pretty much anything you do - when it comes to security, you want the best brand. With hundreds of reviews across Google and on the manufacturer's own site, they hit a solid score of 4.1.

How secure is Litelok?

Developed by a former Rolls Royce aeronautical engineer, the Litelok bike lock brand has a great pedigree. Their locks are award-winning in the lock security field, and they have picked up recognition in a number of high profile media publications:

  • 2017 Cycling Plus - Best Bike Lock
  • 2018 The Independent - Best Buy
  • 2018 Red Dot Design Award
  • 2016 London Cycling Awards - Best Cycling Innovation 

All Litelok products are insurance rated and suitable when used correctly to feature in a sensible cyclists' property protection plan. We even stock their 'Gold Rated' product line here too. Well worth consideration.

How to use Litelok?

The flexible and yet super secure twin lock Litelok accessories are designed to pass through the frame, tyre spokes and around a secure fixed outdoor bike lock object. This ensures multiple parts of the bike are secured in place and makes it that much harder for a prospective thief to make off with your bicycle.

How to unlock Litelok?

You don't use a key to lock the Litelok products, but you may have missed the keyhole in the side of the lock housing, covered with a dust protector. Simply slide the dirt flap back and stick the key in, then release. Simple to use, simple to unlock, providing you have the key.

Litelok vs...

Whether you are looking at Litelok vs Hiplock, or Litelock vs Kryptonite or Ottolock, Litelock has a place of it's own that it wins at. This is in the field of easy to carry, lightweight, flexible bike security.

The lightweight security lock range, is an area that has seen Litelock win awards worldwide. So if you want a lock that can beat an angle grinder and not feel like you're carrying a bag of rocks in your backpack, then Litelock is well worth a look in. 

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