Electric Step Through Bikes

If you are looking to buy an electric step through bike, then our carefully curated collection of high quality, durable and affordable options should pique your interest. The 'step-thru bicycle' or electric step-through, is the alternative to the step-over model. All of our listed step through bikes can be ordered using 0% Paypal finance as well as being part of our price-matching scheme. We won't be beaten. Shop for your first or next electric step through bike here.

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Step Through vs Step Over

The name step-through bike comes from the ability of the rider to bring their legs through the profile of the frame, rather than out and over the top. This over the top approach is what creates the name 'Step Over'. Traditionally it was ladies bikes that had a step through frame, however, more and more retro style and pleasure bikes feature the step through frame as it allows the rider to mount without having to worry about their clothing. If you are dressed for an afternoon out with friends or touring a city, you may not want to wear a tracksuit or leisurewear. The electric step-through bike frame makes this a far better option for those who want a casual rider.

Are Electric Step Through Bikes For Women?

No, electric step through bikes are not just for women, they are for all riders of a bike, who don't want to have to hurdle their leg over a high saddle while wearing restricted clothing. From skinny jeans, boiler suits and suit trousers, getting a tear in the seat of your clothes isn't a great look. When you buy an electric step through bike, you basically buy a form of insurance too. A bicycle that doesn't run you the risk of showing the world what you have underneath too. This is why step through bikes, are no longer just made for female riders.

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