Electric Road Bikes

Fast, streamlined and light, the electric road bike adds a touch of the extra turbo to an already fast concept. The road bike is a popular choice for those travelling on well-tarmacked roads, if the day's been long and you need to kick it up a gear, then putting on the pedal-assist mode, makes life a bit easier. But, don't think buying an electric road bike is for the lazy - you still need to pedal.

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More about electric road bikes

How do electric road bikes work?

Using a power assist method from a lightweight and rain insulated electric lithium-ion battery, the e-road bike is able to propel a cyclist up to 15.5 mph. As most road cyclists will know, that is often not even half the speed they can go, so the battery simply provides that bit of assistance when hills make single gear cycling a lot less pleasurable.

What is the best electric road bike?

From BH Bikes, the premier name, to more mainstream yet extremely high-quality brands such as Avaris, there's a best electric road bike for every budget. We make buying an e-road bike more affordable with 0% Paypal finance, Klarna spread payments and access to the Cycle To Work scheme.

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