Electric Mopeds

Electric Mopeds are available to buy online from our extensive e-moped range. We constantly update our online e-moped showroom, to ensure that whether it's big battery life and great range, sleek designs or superb value, we carry the right electric moped for you. 

Which Electric Moped to buy?

With electric mopeds made to many specifications, it's important that you buy the right e-moped for your needs. Use the filters below, to set by price, colour, range and more. Or hit the links here to see some of the leading electric moped brands.

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What is an E-Moped?

Just as the car industry is undergoing changes with the arrival of EV options, so has the moped world. The E-Moped is the vehicle you love to use for city journeys or local delivery work but without the internal combustion engine. Powered by long-life lithium battery packs, the electric moped is not just friendly on the environment, it's great on the pocket too.

What license for an electric moped?

Unsurprisingly, the change in power train doesn't affect the rules and regulations, so if you can ride a gas moped, you can ride an electric one, legally, too. The same checks apply, which means a CBT first in many cases is fine. For higher powered electric mopeds, check your existing license first.

How to charge electric mopeds

Electric Mopeds be charged using either a 240v adaptor or easily from home. Charged overnight, where electricity costs are lower, you will find a full charge takes between 3 to 8 hours. Some users like to buy additional electric moped batteries, enabling them to always have one fully charged ready. Swap out, swap in, then recharge the flat electric moped battery while you are out on your fresh one. 

Are electric mopeds road legal?

Yes, providing they carry appropriate UK road tax and number plate registration, you can ride an electric moped on roads in the United Kingdom, just as you would a petrol moped.

Electric Mopeds vs Electric Style Bicycles

Electric Bikes may seem pretty similar to electric mopeds. After all, they aren't Harley Davidsons, or Asprilla sports bikes and seem like the sedate version of two-wheeling - but there is a difference between electric mopeds vs the others and it comes down to a few key factors.

  • The range of Electric Mopeds in electric mode is far greater
  • Mopeds do not offer freewheeling (hybrid) mode
  • Power and speed of E-Mopeds is greater

Ultimately, the e-moped is a genuine road vehicle that is comfortable being used on busier A-roads and with its higher power, is going to allow you to evade potential traffic issues expeditiously. The cycling option is great for those who want a power-on mode, when the going gets tough, but when comparing the two, it really is like comparing a motorbike and a pushbike.

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