Folding Electric Bikes

As the name suggests, folding electric bikes, offer a commuter or traveller friendly option for cycling once getting off the train. More than just being a tool for commuting, foldable e-bikes are great for popping in the car, the boot, or just behind the driver's seat and taking away with you on a road trip or travel into Europe. Our folding electric bikes come with 0% Paypal finance and our price match promise, so if you want to shop for a compact, easy to store electric cycling option, then give our range a once over.

Common Folding Bike Questions 

What is a folding electric bike?

With so many types of bikes out there, you can be forgiven for wondering what a folding electric bike is. It sounds almost too obvious! But if you thought it was a travel-friendly cycling option, a bike you can take on a plane or a train and unpack it the other side, then you were right the first time.

Folding electric bikes take up a fraction of the space of an ordinary bike, so whether you want something to fit neatly in a broom cupboard, under your workplace desk, or in the car boot, these space-saving cycle options, are a top pick.

What is the lightest folding electric bike to buy?

Both the Juicy Bike and E-Go range offer ultra-lightweight folding bike options. The Juicy range is so frequently requested and searched for on Google due in no small part to its 'small parts'. If you are looking for a lightweight option to make a folding bike easier to carry around and improve portability, then both these brands will serve you well. You can sort by their foldable bikes in the filters above.

Where can I take an electric folding bike?

Due to their compact nature, portability and the capacity to store them nearly anywhere, you can take electric folding bikes on a plane, train and yes you know what's coming next - an automobile, or car to us UK bike shoppers. Most folding electric bikes will fit neatly behind the rear train carriage seats or in the luggage racks. This makes them a truly great travel companion and saves money hiring bikes at your destination. Your bike, packed up neatly, take it where you like. Who said you can't travel around the world on an electric-propelled bike.

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