Econic One is now in stock in our online showroom. The Econic brand of smart bikes is offered with our price match promise and extended warranty, ensuring you peace of mind when shopping for an electric bike

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Who is Econic One?

Originally from Varna, Bulgaria, the Econic One e-Bike brand is a European staple in many cities where their all surface design is a sensible choice for rental companies and recreational riders alike.

Who would love Econic One bikes?

Econic One bikes look great but they a really versatile option too. Good for the road, good for the country path. It's the ordinary person's perfect middle ground - not too manly, not too feminine, not too bulky not too skinny. Absolutely made with a young professional in mind. You can ride it to work and you can take it to the park for a picnic.

The ideal owner of Econic's products is a casual user, or someone who wants something for work, something for play, but without being too fussed on specialising in one or the other.

If you are the type of person who likes to get their bike out in the summer with your loved ones and want something simple yet cool, Econic One is perfect for you.

Is Econic One any good?

With thousands of social media followers and a fast-growing network of stores across the European Union and the UK, it's clear that there is a realisation that Econic One is a brand that is in demand and shoppers are warming too. It's still early days for them, which is why they are less well known than others such as Synchgo but don't disregard them simply because they are new. The bikes look good and with their versatility comes a real money-saving value within. 

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