E-unicycles are electric transport devices. Much like a unicycle, they are a single-wheeled, self-balancing mode of transport. However, unlike a traditional unicycle, an E-unicycle has a built-in motor and battery to power your journey. 

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The great thing about having an E-unicycle is not only doing it look pretty cool, but they are a very portable item that takes up minimal storage. You can even easily carry it if you need to. 

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Are E-unicycles safe? 

E-unicycles may look scarier than an e-scooter or a bike because there are no handlebars. However, the technology in the E-unicycles helps the user to balance. If you have balance problems then you might be better suited to a scooter or bike. Always pay attention to your ride (i.e. don't be on your mobile!)

You can make sure your E-unicycle is super safe by always following the safety guidelines. Such as using the correct, genuine chargers and batteries. In the past, there have been horror stories about this type of transport catching on fire. This would be down to the manufacturer using poor quality parts. Always buy from a trusted seller with a great reputation - we ONLY stock trustworthy brands!

Do electric unicycles go fast?

Electric unicycles will be able to go no faster than 15 mph. This top speed would depend on things like your weight, the terrain and weather conditions. 

Are electric unicycles hard to ride?

E-unicycles may take a little practice to get used to. You are using a device with a wheel and pedals on each side. With no handlebars, you might feel a little unbalanced. Take your time to practice using it before you take it out to a busy area.

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