E-Go with its foldable range of electric bikes is a great option for those looking to buy something they can use when travelling or for popping on the train and breaking up the commute from the main station. Buy E-Go bikes securely and confidently online with our industry-leading price match promise.

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Who is E-Go?

Another brand in the UK division of cycling names, E-go bikes first came to the market in 2018 and have a leaning toward folding and lightweight travel-friendly cycling options, with pedal assist.

Are E-Go bikes any good?

E-Go bikes have been reviewed extensively across Youtube, by online journals such as Bicycle-Radar. Routinely E-Go reviews, independently score them between 7 and 8 out of 10. While their Trustpilot features hundreds of reviews averaging them a 4.8 out of 5, an excellent rating.

Who would love an E-Go bike?

E-Go bikes are made for those who want something lightweight and easy to pack up. Hence the attention to folding. Being able to be stowed away in the boot of a car makes them a solid choice for family road trip getaways, but being light makes them great for older riders, women or those who have some muscular or mobility issues and don't want a bulky behemoth. What they lack in off-road features they make up for in an amazing price point. Perfect for a fairweather cyclist.  

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