Best Electric Mountain Bike Guide 2022

Best electric mountain bikes for 2021

TL:DR - In this guide, we take you through the features to look for when choosing the best electric mountain bike and what makes the best E-MTB. We then dive into some of our top picks that have won us over.

The best electric mountain bike

The best electric mountain bike is going to effortlessly climb hills, cruise along all terrains and give you a day out to remember. An E-MTB will allow you to be out tackling the trails for longer without tiring too, extending your adventure.

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In this guide, we take you through the features to look for when choosing the best electric mountain bike and what makes the best E-MTB. We then dive into some of our top picks that have won us over.

We know it can be pretty time consuming trying to find the best electric mountain bike, and that’s time you could be spending on the trails! Use the quick links below to skip ahead if you know your budget and need:

What features make the best E-MTB?

A mountain bike should be designed to climb hills, handle well through rough terrain, wet grass and gravel. The best electric mountain bike should be able to do all those things and more. It should have a powerful motor capable of assisting climbs and a large battery to keep you going on the trails all day long.

There is some debate whether the best electric mountain bike should be a rear hub or crank hub. Crank hub offers better center of gravity and handling, whereas the motor on the rear hub operates separately from the gears. Rear hub takes up space and weight on the back wheel but crank/mid drive doesn’t. Both crank and rear hub have their place in our list of the best eclectic mountain bikes below.

The best electric mountain bike should have wide tyres with aggressive tread to help handle all terrains.

Tyres with puncture protection will always make the top of the list. After-all, who wants to be fixing a flat when you’re out on an adventure?

What to look for when choosing the best electric mountain bike

When you are looking for the best E-MTB you will need to consider some factors that are specific to you such as your height, rider weight and needs from your ride.

Height - Bikes will have various frame sizes which you need to take into account when you are looking for the best E-MTB. Choosing a frame that does not fit your height can cause an uncomfortable ride and potential injury.

Weight - Each bike will have a weight limit which you need to adhere to in order to stay safe while riding. Remember also that rider weight will impact how many miles the battery on the bike will take you.

Need - How you plan on using your electric mountain bike will play a big part in your choice. Do you want to go out all day on rough terrain or are you planning on more simple trials with the family? Thinking of your needs ahead of your purchase is an important part of your buying decision.

Chances are, if you plan on gentle trails with the family for an hour you won’t need a high torque bike with a large battery. You will easily get by with something more modest. However, if you want to tackle steep climbs and rough terrain, with the plan to be out all day then you’ll want a large battery and some decent power. 

All of these factors will point to the right EMTB for you.

Best electric mountain bike brands

There are some fantastic E-MTB brands made with quality in mind. We stock the ones we love here at Electric rider including:

  • Cyclotricity
  • Econic
  • Powabyke
  • RooDog
  • Dawes Cycles
  • Dallingridge
  • And more!

Best electric mountain bike under £1000

Your adventure doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can pick up the Basis Beacon E-MTB Electric Mountain Bike for just under £1000. The powerful 36V rear hub motor and 8.8AH or 14AH Lithium battery makes this option perfect for an urban commute or leisure ride.

The rugged, but lightweight 27.5 inch wheel aluminum electric bike has a single speed drivetrain and a motor capable of assisting you up to 15.5 mph.

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Best electric mountain bike under £1500

The Ezego Trail Destroyer ii has to take the crown for the best emtb for under £1500. If you are planning on riding off road and over rougher terrain then this is a fantastic option. Thanks to the 120 mm travel air suspension and large Maxxis tyres, this bike is ready for all-terrain.

The short stem, extra-wide 780mm handlebars help to control handling, even when terrain is at its roughest. The Maxxis tyres will help to grip you to the tracks and the increased spoke gauge will offer even more strength through the wheels.

Get ready to destroy some trails with this one!

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Best Electric Mountain Bike under £1500

Best electric mountain bike under £2000

The Wisper Wayfarer is built for adventure and is very versatile. While the frame remains the same, the bike can be made to suit city riders, the adventurous as well as mountain bike riders.

The EMTB version of the Wayfarer is stripped back and fitted with Schwalbe Smart Sam Performance and RaceGuard. Thanks to the 27.5 x 2.5 inch tyres with Double Defence puncture protection no flats are going to ruin your day on the trails.

The Wisper hi torque rear hub drive 43.2V 250W nominal motor pairs with either the 450 Wh or 700 Wh battery. If you want 30-60 miles from one charge and one adventure, then opt for the 700 Wh. If you are planning shorter rides up to 20- 40 miles the 450 Wh should be suffice.

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Best E-Mtb For Under £2000

Best electric mountain bike under £2500

The best e-MTB under £2500 could be the MTF Cross. This bike is a great option if you plan on enjoying both paths and pavements as well as off road trails. With its impressive 110 mile range you could happily cycle the roads to the woodlands and back again on one charge!

The LCD display offers you 5 levels of assistance with the possibility to extend to an impressive 9 levels. Both the battery and motor are centrally built into the bike. This positioning and distribution of weight allows for perfect handling, even on off road terrains.

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Best E-Mtb under 2500

Best electric bike under £3000

The sleek looking Kairos Sub is bound to grab your attention. But, its beauty isn’t only skin deep. Thanks to the 36 v 14 amp battery and 85 nm of torque you will effortlessly climb hills, comfortably ride along rough terrain and glide down steep descents.

The Kairos Sub 27.5 has 3 frame sizes to choose from to suit all sizes. Opt for 400mm, 450mm or 500mm, depending on your height.

We love the Schwalbe Smart Sam Performance tyres with RaceGuard technology on this bike. These tyres help to create a puncture barrier, all while remaining lightweight. Afterall, who wants to be set back by a flat when you have an adventure planned!

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Best E MTB For Under 3000

Best electric Bike for under £4000

The Lathkill FSE is easily the best electric bike for under £4000. It is the go to option if you want to climb hills in the mountains and ride on trails with ease. Thanks to the Smart Sam tyres and Rock Shox Judy fork and monarch rear shock, the Lathkill FSE is a great option for all round full suspension mountain biking without risking a flat.

Easily see a day on the trails with up to 65 miles of battery range. The motor will assist you up to 15 mph allowing you to be out longer than your legs would usually be able to manage.

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Best emtb under 4k

Best electric mountain bike with throttle

If you want to enjoy a free ride and be propelled forward as you explore the trails then you’ll be after the best electric mountain bike with a throttle. For this, we like The Beast by Cyclotricity.

While it is fantastic at handling rough terrain such as wet grass, country trails and woodland, it also rides easily on roads and cycle paths. 

The full suspension on The Beast is a game-changer. It easily absorbs rugged terrain allowing you to use the full pedal assist system to its full potential. The 27.5 x 2.2 inch wide tyres mean that you have more stability and traction, helping to to keep a handle on even the roughest rides. The centrally located battery and motor also helps to increase handling of the bike.

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Best Electric Mountain Bike With A Throttle Acceleration

Best electric mountain bike for ladies

The majority of E-MTB’s are unisex. However, some are better suited to ladies. One that is a popular choice among women is the Forme Curbar HT-E Pro.

This has a hydro-formed alloy frame with SR Suntour XCM forks which offer a comfortable ride, even over bumpy terrain. It is powered by a Bafang M420 mid motor and a 500 W/H battery. This power and battery should see you some decent mileage, of course weather, terrain and rider weight dependent.

Thanks to the Rock Hawk tyres you will be able to shed mud and debris on the mountain bike trails with all kinds of conditions. The Shimano Acera 9 speed drive-train will help power your legs up to 15 mph, depending on the assist level selected.

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Best Electric Mountain Bike For Ladies

Best electric mountain bike UK overall

The best electric mountain bike overall is always a tough decision for us. After some deliberation, we decided that the Econic One Smart Cross Country should make this list.

best electric mountain bike for the money

The Smart Cross Country comes in 3 colours and 3 different sizes. This makes it suitable for most in terms of sizing and styling. If off roading is your bag, then you will love the advanced technology that gives you a smooth and exciting ride.

Control the 5 levels of assistance and the power options (250 W or 500 W) using the C18 colour  LCD display screen. Depending on the assistance you choose and the weather conditions you will be able to get up to 142 km from one single charge.

The frame is constructed of aluminum 6061 which is strong, but also light, weighing in at just 22 kg. The rims are also aluminum coming in at 28/29 inches. The SR Suntour Raidon forks have air springs and are the perfect pairing for off-road riding.

Any good electric bike will have brake power to match the motor. The Smart Cross Country has just that. The hydraulic disc brakes will help you to safely and quickly stop when you need to.

We rate this as the best electric mountain bike overall because of the customisable styling and frame sizes, not to mention the quality of the bike and its parts.

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Final thoughts on the best electric mountain bike

The best electric mountain bike for you will depend on various factors such as:

  • Your budget
  • How you intend to ride
  • How long you intend to ride per charge
  • Your height and weight
  • How important a mid drive motor is to you over a rear hub motor

You should factor in all of the above when you are making your buying decision.

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