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TL;DR - In this fresh for 2022, best electric scooters guide, we take a look at the top ranked e-scooters whatever the occasion. If you are new to the world of personal EVs and want a shortcut to find you the most popular choice for you, read on to get tuned up.

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What passes for an electric scooter?

Similar to electric bikes, you could call electric scooters, 'electrically assisted person transport vehicles'. This is because they work with or without an electric motor. This means most if not all can work well even without a motor. But in short, a kick scooter with a battery powered motor, is what we call an e-scooter, or electric stunt scooter. 

What types of electric scooter are there?

Like any mode of transport, even the best electric scooters aren't all alike. Some come with seats, some have two front wheels, but below we list some of the most common types of electric scooters:

  • Kick Scooters
  • Self-Balancing
  • Seated
  • Off Road
  • Foldable
  • 3 Wheeled

Most of what we cover in this best electric scooter guide, are the stand up two wheeled variety, but the electric version of the kick scooter doesn't need to be a homogeneous style. From the off road, suspension packed, high speed race models, right through to wide boulevard cruising self balancing hover-boards. The field is wide and there is something for everyone. 

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What to look for when buying the best electric scooters?

When it comes to filtering out the wheat from the chaff, finding the best electric scooter, is more about first knowing what you need one to be great at to make YOU happy. But after that, you can leave it to us to list you some of top models and makes in that field. Maybe you want to know the best for speed, best for safety or one that can carry your Tyson Fury style frame with confidence - we will take care of that, but let's quickly discuss some of the key characteristics that sets each apart.

Battery Life

If you are looking for the best e-scooter for commuter, then you probably don't want your battery life to fail you and be late for the office. This means you will want to look for either a quick charging battery, or one that has enough juice in the tank to get you to and from work a few times before dying on you. 

"Sorry boss, my e-scooter battery died" Is probably too hipster a quote for even the most ardent beard oil user to be uttering. If your needs are mission critical, consider battery life. Next item...

Terrain Use

While some brands of the two wheelers are purpose built for going full Colin McRae, there are others that wilt under the pressure of a collection of aggressively painted tactile paving stones. Some are good for off-road, others are best for wide, flat boulevards, the type rarely seen in the UK sadly. As a nation made up of 23% pot-hole, your best electric scooter is going to want a little cushion.

Frame Strength

We all come in different shapes and sizes, for a start, some buyers of electric scooters are kids, whereas others are well put together adults passing for secure barn doors. This means it's important that your pick can carry your weight. So always check to see if there is likely to be any issue with your weight along with the model. There is a personal vehicle for everyone, but not all personal vehicles can carry everyone.

How do we review the best e-scooters?

A review of the best electric scooters, is only as good as the reviewers themselves, so it's worth us talking a little on why you can trust our insight.

As an independent online retailer of many types of electricity assisted vehicles, we are not tied down to one make or model. This means it doesn't matter much to us if one brand comes out on top over another. We simply stock the best options out there as we don't want to be left trying to flog a dead horse - or a bad scooter. Essentially, we have skin in the game too. 

When it comes to reviewing these best electric scooters, we consider these key elements and then let you make up your own mind after:

  • Max Speed
  • Charge Time
  • Aesthetics
  • Weight
  • Portability
  • Terrain Type
  • Price
  • Versatility

As the founder here, I am an advocate of a sustainable future first and transport writer second. I want to find the best choices for you so you are one step closer to lightening the load on our planet. So, let's get on with the review.

What's the best electric scooters in 2022?

We have covered some of the basics that you may want to consider before jumping into the scooter family, let's talk bests now, starting with the best for value.

Best Value E- Scooter

When it comes to looking at the best electric scooter for the money, we wanted to consider more than just sheer price, but consider the best pick, usable for the widest number of needs at the best price.

So while there may be cheaper, we think there isn't cheaper for the versatility.

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The RS1 Ride In Style by Riley

Riley's 36 volt 'ride in style' model, does really well in 3 key areas:

  • Puncture resistant tyres
  • Easily swappable batteries
  • Light enough for transportation

If you care about the cost of your scooter, you care about the hidden costs too. That means, avoiding punctures and having to pay for repairs or new tyres. The RS1 offers real value for money by protecting the wheels, we love this.

Next up is the easy to swap battery. Sure, you can go and break the bank by buying a scooter that has Elon Musk's latest Gigawatt battery bank attached to it; or you can go for something a little more modestly priced. Then, see how much you use it and if you need to - upgrade the battery to something bigger and likely pricier. This stepping stone option further reinforces this as the best electric scooter for the money.

Finally, some options are pretty heavy to lug around, by making this surprisingly lightweight, you can take it away with you too, saving money on holiday taxis. It's the value choice that keeps on adding value.

Price: £399

Best Off-Road Electric Scooter

Can it climb a hill?


Can it race through trees?


Yes, you want an e-scooter, that can do - anything. Or at least survive a bit of mud, rainfall and not look out of place when traversing country tracks. This is our pick for the best off-road electric scooter.

The Urban XH-1 

 winning product

Purely made with mud in mind, Walberg Urban Electronics present 'The Urban XH-1' and we gladly award it the best off-road electric scooter winner. In short, here's the top features and why we like it:

  • 5 Gearing options
  • High elevation tyres
  • Splash resistant

The XH-1 is made for the off-road user, this means the ground is unlikely to be nice flat warm tarmac, and more likely soggy mud tracks. When this surface presents itself, your scooter needs to be a little taller or the deck is going to hold you back. And after all, you've bought a scooter here and not a small submarine. 10 inch pneumatic tyres ensure you stand higher above other models.

Along with the higher profile, you are going to potentially need a bit more torque than usual. The 5 gearing options, marked as 'riding modes', ensure when you need a higher RPM to get yourself out of a sticky situation, you can. All of this is produced by the 360 watt motor that can propel you up to 30 km/hour. It's a bit of a beast.

Finally, we have seen some 'off-road scooters' that can't even handle an errand drop of sweat falling on the motor - the Urban is splash resistant, so providing you aren't planning on taking it for a swim, it's well equipped for the countryside.

Price: £899

Best Electric Scooter For Range

If your journey is a little further than most, or you don't fancy getting caught powerless on the way to work, range may be important to you. We looked over the choice on the market and tipped this make and model as the best electric scooter for range.

Ducati Pro-III Electric Scooter


When it comes to finding the longest range e-scooter, there is only one winner, it is the Ducati ProiIII model. Maybe it's because they have been making personal electric vehicles for longer than others, but they have thumped the competition in this category.

It has an unassailable range of over 50 miles. Even well established brands such as Volter with market leading platforms, run around 25 miles. 

With such a long range it makes it so suited for commuting, or getting out for the day without worrying about re-charges. It really makes for a superb product that ensures complete peace of mind too. 

It's not just range that the Ducati focuses on, when you are able to get further from home, it means there is more chance you can get caught in a rainstorm too. Which makes the IP water resistance rating it carries, a really important attribute. Finally, with 3 power settings, the option of travelling in economy class can be passed over for adrenaline mode. 

Click the banner above to see more on the Ducati Pro-III.

Price: £799.00

Most Stylish Electric Scooter

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we disagree, we think we know the most beautiful electric scooter and you're going to agree to. A lot of scooters look the same, some just have that little 'something-something'. 

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The Commuta 36v by Cruzaa

Minimal in design yet still quite gorgeous. This is how we would sum up Cruzaa's 36v 'Commuta' model. Importantly, even though it looks nice, it functions really well too. Which makes it our primary reason for selecting it here in the best of electric scooters list.

What features does it come with? 

  • IP rated for the wet
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Digital LCD display
  • Road tyres
  • Intelligent disc brakes

If you want to ride in the wet on conventional surfaces, such as pathways and roads, then you want an IP rated weatherproof scooter - but - you also want one that can stop when you need it to. This may be our pick for style, but there's nothing stylish about plaster casts. Wet road ready, with road tyres, waterproofing and disc brakes, make this another area the Commuta leads in.

As well as being good when the sun disappears, the 36v is also a great option for travel, due to it's high power battery, light weight and ability to fold down for storage.

That's our pick, check it out by clicking the banner above.

Price: £599.99

Best Electric Scooter For Everything

This is the blue riband award, the one that screams all-round choice. We put our heads together and wondered what would be the best shout for our MVP, what needs to be in place to be the most valuable platform. 

We felt it had to look good, it had to be UK made for warranty and repair reasons, it needed to have a great range, good engine power, be able to carry an elephant AND have a little extra.

We came up with this absolute champion.

The AL1 by Lamborghini

Designed by the renowned brand and made to excel in many areas, this adaptation of a skateboard design looks good, rides for time and can handle any road conditions. This is our best electric scooter for 4 seasons and for all reasons. This is the Series One by Volter.

  • 15.5 MPH Top Speed
  • 25 Mile Range ( 35km)
  • British Weather Ready - IP Waterproofing
  • High Visibility Lighting
  • Pedestrian Alert Signal

If you are riding around the UK, you need a scooter that can be seen in the early darkness of autumn and winter and one that can handle potholes and pour-downs, the AL1 comes equipped. You want front and rear lights to be seen - you got them. You need a bell to alert other users of the road and pavements - you got it. You want tyres big enough they can handle poorly maintained pavements and our classic British pothole - you got it. When it rains you want a scooter that is IP rated and tested to not let you down - you have that too.

In every way, the AL1 is made FOR Britain. This is our number one pick and if you asked us: "What's the best electric scooter?"  then if we could only pick one - it would be the Lamborghini AL1.

There you have it, 5 of the best, and 1 that takes home the Golden Boot.

Price: £549

Where can I buy the best e-scooters?

We have stuck to being impartial the whole way through,  after all, we are an independent retailer so we can be. But when it comes to awarding the best place to buy these 'trophy' - we are going to tell you, you should click below to reveal the answer:

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