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TL;DR - Picking the best electric bikes can seem confusing at first, so here's our guide to making that shopping decision a little easier. You might have started research into your first electric bike and with so many options and jargon it can be overwhelming.

What you want is the best electric bike for you, and your personal needs. What is right for the woman you see on her daily commute might not be the right option for you if you plan on hitting trails or riding for hours at a time.

In this article, we are going to look at the best electric bike for various uses and specifics. If you want to skip the small talk then click the quick links below.

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What types of electric bikes are there?

Even the best electric bikes are not all the same. There are different sizes, frame styles, some are foldable, some are suited for rough rides and others for smooth paths.

The main type of electric bikes include:

  • E-mountain bikes
  • Step through bikes
  • Foldable bikes

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What to look for when buying the best electric bike?

When you are buying the best electric bike you need to consider exactly what you need. Not what your mate has.

You might prioritise speed over comfort, or maybe having transport that can go a distance is more important than anything else.

Here are a few things to consider when you are selecting the best electric bike for you.

●     Motors

Electric bikes will have a motor. The motor on the personal transport can vary in size which will reflect the power.

When it comes to motors, you look for the output in torque. This gives you an idea of the total power. More torque = more power.

However, you don’t want to overlook W/H (watt hours) as this takes into account the battery life and output to give an indication of power.

When it comes to reading W/H, it is the higher the W/H, the larger the range.

●     Terrain

When you are looking for the best electric bike you need to firstly think about the terrain you will be riding on.

If you plan on riding around a flat town then the best electric bike for you is going to be very different to someone who is heading onto the off road trails.

●     Battery range

Battery range is a consideration when looking for the best electric bike. You need to think about whether the battery range will be enough for the length of your ride at the power output you choose.

Of course, the more power you ask your battery to supply the faster it will drain.

When you are choosing the best electric bike you should check how long the battery takes to fully charge. If you are using the bike for a commute or a long journey, you don’t want to get caught short on the way home because you have a flat battery.

Electric bike features to consider

  • Disc brakes - Make sure your transport has decent brakes, this isn’t something to cut corners on!
  • Wide tyres for off road - If you plan on riding off road then you might look for wider tyres which can handle bumps and rough terrain.
  • Suspension for bumps and off road - Suspension will help take the impact out of the cities potholes and the trail bumps
  • Gears (derailleur or hub) - If you are city riding then you might enjoy the easy, low maintenance gear hub. If you plan on climbing steep hills then a better option might be derailleur gears which are more traditional.
  • Lights - Whether you plan on riding at night or not, lights are important. You need to make sure you are visible at all times. If the bike doesn’t have a built in light feature then it wouldn’t be a deal breaker as you can add these on. However, it is something to consider.

How we decided on the best electric bike

At Electricrider we get to know our bikes and which are the best electric bikes for what. We have created this review with the following in mind:

  • Tyres
  • Speed
  • Frame type
  • Motor power
  • Battery range
  • Weight
  • Portability

Now let’s get into the best electric bike, starting with the best electric bike for your money.

Best electric bike for the money 

Reviewed Pick

The Whippet 250 Watt

The Whippet 250W Bike takes the crown for the best e-bike for the money, with high quality parts at a reasonable price.

To enhance the riding experience top quality components have been used throughout with shifter, 7-speed rear derailleur, cassette and hydraulic disc brakes all by Shimano, along with a Brookes saddle and Schwalbe Marathon Greenguard tyres.

best electric bike for the money

The whippet eBike is light and nimble and a joy to ride. It's fitted with an efficient, powerful 250W rear hub motor that's smooth and super quiet. With three power levels the Whippet will take you up to 50 miles depending upon which power levels you use. The whole eBike weighs 13.9kg, including the detachable 200Wh battery. 

Perfect for an enjoyable commute and great for everyday trips at any time.

Features we love:

  • Light weight, with super handling
  • Top quality parts
  • 7 Speeds with 3 power levels
  • British Made

    Best electric bike for range

    reviewed bikes

    If you plan on racking up some distance on your e-bike, then range is going to be an important factor in your buying decision. Enter the Econic One 36V - the best electric bike for range!

    The Econic One has a huge 142 km max range, all powered by a 36V, 500Wh Li-Ion battery.

    There are five levels of assistance to choose from on this e-bike, depending on your terrain and needs. The pedal assisted speed can reach up to an impressive 25 KM/H and make any hill feel like a flat!

    The hydraulic disc brakes by Shimano and the rear derailleur gears by the same brand will give you added control over your ride, even at speed and across various terrains.

    While the range on this e-bike is impressive, so is the connectivity. The Econic One is connected to a mobile app that allows location tracking. It also has a remote control for locking and unlocking your e-bike.

    Features we love:

    • 142 km max range
    • Smart features
    • Hydraulic disk brakes

    Best electric bike for road and speed

    top choices

    The Avaris 2.3 electric road bike is a sleek looking, quality electric bike that will make your road rides even more fun! Whether you are commuting, using the bike for a casual ride or building up your endurance on the road, this is a great option.

    Extend your adventures on this smooth, electric assisted bike all while tracking the data you love. Monitor your progress, navigate your ride and track your distance/speeds using the full touch display.

    You can also select from 9 different assist modes to choose the comfort level of your ride.

    The battery on the Avaris 2.3 is going to keep you going for around 60-80 km with a single charge. Charge the bike back up in 3-5 hours and get back on the road for the next adventure.

    Features we love:

    • Sleek LCD display
    • GPS tracking
    • Superb quality and price

    Best electric bike for short riders

    top makes and models

    The Roodog Chic step through bike is the best bike for shorter riders with its 16.5 inch frame. This option has some great features to make your ride both comfortable and stylish.

    You’ll love the display where you can change 5 speeds and alter the LED light system.

    The 5 speed pedal assist will give you around 30 miles on the 10Ah or 45 miles on the 16Ah, per charge, on the highest speed setting. This should be the perfect amount for a casual weekend ride, daily commute or trip to the shops.

    This is a fantastic electric bike for both male and female short riders. You can customise the bike with baskets and pannier bags and choose from a black, white or blue frame.

    Features we love:

    • Excellent battery choice
    • 5 inch, lightweight alloy frame for smaller riders
    • 250 W brushless rear hub motor

    Best electric bike for style

    If you are looking for an electric bike for style then you'll love the Synchgo Super Monkey. This stylish number has been endorsed by a whole host of celebrities.

    It is a unique looking e-bike that is sure to set you apart from the crowd. But don’t let the style fool you into thinking there is no substance.

    This best electric bike for style is also packed with great features. These include an extra long seat base to hold two riders, a powerful LED headlight, LCD display featuring speed, distance and battery, as well as an alarm system.

    It is a stylish and durable e-bike that can travel 60+ miles on a single charge. Great option for urban riding and city exploring either on your own or with a partner.

    Features we love:

    • Retro look and feel
    • 60+ miles per charge
    • Bright LED headlight

    Best all round electric bike

    reviewed electric assisted bicycles

    The best electric bike for everything wasn’t too easy to choose - we could have easily had a few on this part of the best electric bikes list. But, after much deliberation, we came to decide on the Wisper Wayfarer M9.

    This quite simply has every feature you could want on an electric bike, from range and speed, to disc brakes and puncture proof tyres.

    The Wayfarer M9 is a bit of everything, with the ability to give you a comfortable ride in the city or you can change the tyres and use it as an off-roader mountain bike. 

    When it comes to battery life, this bike delivers. Get either 20-40 miles or 30-60 miles per charge depending on the battery you choose. That could easily be enough to see you through the off-road hilly weekend adventure or your day to day commute.

    Features we love:

    • 3 packs to modify the usage of your bike
    • Huge battery
    • Disc brakes, puncture proof tyres and a super high torque mid drive motor

    Where can I buy the best electric bike?

    The best e bike for you will be dependent on your specific needs and requirements.

    At Electric Rider we stock a variety of brands offering different things. Whether you are after speed, small frames or a good all rounder, we have something to offer.

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