Why an E-Bike Is the Best Gift You Can Give This Season

Why an E-Bike Is the Best Gift You Can Give This Season

One of the things people look forward to in the coming holidays is giving and receiving gifts. Everyone wants to give their loved ones the best gift they can afford. If you are looking for a gift that is unique, memorable, and useful, here is one idea you should consider: Get them an electric bike. It will not only surprise them; it will be a gift that they can use and enjoy for many reasons. 

E-bike users in the UK

The number of e-bike users in the UK has increased consistently over the years. Data reveals that online searches for e-bikes in the UK increased by half a million this 2020. That was after a Europe-wide study conducted by YouGov showed that a quarter of the European population wants to use an e-bike.

An electric bike is a perfect gift for those looking for a daily adventure. With an electric bike, people can go cycling around the city or have a new transportation method when going to work—all these while helping them stay fit and stretching their stamina and muscles. If you still need more reasons to invest in an electric bike for your loved ones, here are some things you should know.

It’s healthy for them and the environment

Getting from point A to point B via commuting in a congested city like London can sometimes be draining. If your gift recipient is a daily commuter, they will significantly reduce their commuting stress and carbon footprint. With an e-bike, they can use the designated cycle lanes and go through traffic with ease. 

Furthermore, they also get to enjoy all the benefits of physical exercise that biking requires. According to a study, commuting daily via cycling is equivalent to a five-day gym routine. While a regular bicycle will require more effort, an e-bike user will improve their fitness over time. The more regularly they cycle, the longer the distance they can reach. 

In 2040, diesel and petrol cars shall be banned in the UK as part of its Air Quality Plan. An electric bike is an economical and practical transportation option that is also a great transition towards that goal.

It’s a money- and lifesaver

Compared to buying and maintaining a car and the total of your commuting fare throughout the year, an electronic bike is definitely cheaper. If your concern is the recharging of the bike’s battery, you will realize that doing so will only add pennies to your electric bill. 

Regular bikes also tend to get into accidents more than electric bikes. Most bike accidents occur at junctions where it is difficult for stopped bikes to speed up. Since electric bicycles are motorized, accelerating will be much easier for the rider. Slowing down for bends will be more manageable, too.


Let your loved ones start the new year with a sense of freedom and fulfilment. Giving them an electric bike for the holidays is truly a gift that will last long. Unlike buying them gadgets that can phase out later, an e-bike will give them the experience that the whole year kept from them. Consider adding it on your holiday gift checklist. 

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