Top Tips to Keep Your Electric Bicycle Battery in the Best Condition

Top Tips to Keep Your Electric Bicycle Battery in the Best Condition

Electric bikes are growing in popularity, and more and more people are discovering the benefits they bring. From making the daily commute easier to transforming your off-road adventures, electric bikes are increasing in popularity and helping more riders get onto two wheels.

As technology advances, the cost of eBikes are also becoming increasingly more accessible, and the battery is the heart of these unique bikes, meaning keeping your eBike battery in the best condition is essential. Although the lithium-ion batteries used in these bikes are designed to last for a long time, their health can deteriorate over time. That is why making sure you look after it will help you to ensure you enjoy the very best performance possible and do not need to face the costly process of replacing it.

To help you keep your electric bike battery in the best condition, we have put together our top tips:

1. Watch your battery charge level

All lithium-ion batteries have a certain lifespan, and most electric bike batteries will have a certain number of charge cycles that they can go through, anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand.

A cycle is determined as a full charge from 0% up to 100%. So, for example, if you charge it from 50% to 100%, you can do that twice before it counts as a single cycle. Many riders mistakenly believe that they should run the battery flat before charging it back up, but over time this can actually reduce its ability to maintain its charge. Instead, you should focus on keeping your battery regularly charged.

2. Keep away from extreme temperatures

Lithium-ion battery performance fluctuates depending on the ambient temperature, and as it warms up, your battery will discharge faster. Equally, on cooler days, you might notice that its resistance is increasing and you might not travel as far as normal.

Now while there can be no controlling the outside temperature, keeping your battery away from extreme temperatures while storing it can significantly help you prolong its life. Cooler temperature can help to extend its lifespan, but it is important to remember that you should always charge it at room temperature to avoid significant damage.

3. Keep it clean

Although the batteries for modern electric bikes are designed to be used in all conditions, you should keep the area around them clean and dry. Corrosion and oxidisation can affect the performance of the battery to the point of it stopping, so ensuring you keep the area dry after a ride can help you extend its life.

That said, when washing the battery area, you should only use a bucket and sponge, as high-pressure jet washers can end up forcing water into the battery case and causing more damage.

4. Maintain your bike

Another top tip for keeping your battery in the best possible condition is to ensure you maintain your eBike. Keeping your tyres inflated will help to increase the overall range of the battery, while ensuring your gears are running smoothly and your brakes are not rubbing will place less pressure on the battery.

5. Looking for a new electric bicycle?

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