Top Tips to Get Your Electric Bike Ready For Spring

Top Tips to Get Your Electric Bike Ready For Spring

Has the recent warm weather got you thinking about heading out on your eBike? As the winter begins to disappear and the spring edges closer, many riders will now be looking to get their electric bike ready for their first big ride of the year.

If you are now planning to get your eBike ready for spring, we have taken a look at some of the best tips to ensure your bike is in the best possible condition:

Give it a clean

If your bike has been in storage throughout the winter, then the first thing that you should do is give it a thorough clean. If possible, use a stand and remove the wheels to ensure you can get into every area of the bike. 

When cleaning, use a professional bike cleaner and a soft sponge to scrub any hard to remove dirt. If you use a pressure washer, make sure it is on the lowest setting; otherwise, you could end up pushing dirt into your bearings or causing damage.

Check your bolts

Once your eBike is sparkling, carefully examine the entire bike and check that all of your nuts and bolts are tightened. Most electric bike manuals will tell you the required torque for certain components, so to ensure you are meeting these requirements, you should use a calibrated torque wrench. On the most important areas, consider using Loctite on the threads.

Once you have checked your bolts, go around the rest of the bike and check everything, including your bearings, to ensure they run smoothly.

Look after your chain

The chain on an electric bike undergoes a lot more than the chain on a conventional bike, so before heading out on your first ride, make sure your chain is working as it is designed. Use a chain-gauge to examine the current state of your chain, checking to see if it has stretched or is showing signs of wear.

Don’t forget to regularly lubricate your chain as well to ensure it remains in the best condition throughout the summer.

Check your brakes

One of the most important tips in getting your eBike prepared for the spring is to check your brakes are working. These are the most essential part of any electric bike, so check that the pads are not worn or rubbing and that the lever is providing the right bite level when applied. 

If your brakes do not feel right or you are not comfortable replacing components yourself, take your bike to your local shop for a service.

Check your battery

Checking the battery on your eBike is crucial before heading out for your first big ride of the year. If your bike has been left over the winter, then the first thing you will want to do is to fully charge it. Ideally, if you are leaving your electric bike over the winter, then you should keep your battery charged to ensure it remains in the best condition.

Check tyre pressures

Finally, the last thing that you will need to do is check your tyre pressures. After several months of inactivity, your tyres will have deflated, and riding on tyres that are not correctly inflated can lead to premature wear, faster battery drainage and poorer handling.

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