Top Tips for Embracing a Car-Free Lifestyle

Top Tips for Embracing a Car-Free Lifestyle

Are you looking to kick-start 2021 in a healthier and more sustainable way? Leaving the car at home and jumping on your electric bike instead can help you to keep fit, save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

However, while many people know the benefits of jumping on your bike instead of cycling, embracing a car-free lifestyle is much easier to say than to do. Using your car over an electric bike is often the most convenient solution, particularly if the weather is not looking so great. So to help you adopt a cleaner, greener approach, we have put together our top tips for a car-free lifestyle.

1. Review your trips

Adopting a car-free lifestyle does not mean you should ditch the vehicle completely, but instead about using your eBike more frequently. Certain journey’s will always need your car; taking your young kids to school, transporting big items or travelling long distances is just not feasible on an electric bike.

However, reviewing how you use your car will showcase just how many unnecessary trips you complete with it. Create a list of all the journeys you regularly make and work out which ones you can use an electric bike for instead. Even for some of those journeys that might seem too far, consider looking at if you could combine public transport as part of it, for example cycling to the station.

2. Plan ahead

Changing to an eBike is not as straightforward as simply using the same routes you would in your car. Chances are, you probably use main roads in your vehicle, which will likely not be suitable for an electric bike or might not actually be the quickest way.

If you are considering adopting more of a car-free lifestyle, then make sure you plan ahead. Using an electric bike can be incredibly fun, so taking your time to prepare the right route that lets you take in the best roads for cycling will help to motivate you and encourage you to use your eBike for more journeys.

3. Be prepared

One of the biggest things that puts people off using their electric bike is often the weather. When it is cold and wet, the idea of sitting in your warm and dry car can be incredibly tempting – but living a car-free lifestyle requires being prepared for everything. 

Keeping a closer eye on the weather will often help you find a window to avoid that downpour while investing in high-quality waterproofs will keep you protected no matter the conditions.

4. Undergo training

While you might know how to ride a bike, have you ever undertaken professional training? The key to enjoying your car-free lifestyle is to enjoy using your eBike in a safe way, so participating in some cycle training will help you to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence while cycling on the road.

5. Have fun!

Having fun is one of the most important aspects of living a car-free lifestyle. When you enjoy jumping on your electric bike, you will be more willing to use it more regularly, and you will soon be noticing an improvement in your physical and mental wellbeing. 

6. Looking to live a car-free lifestyle?

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