The Top 3 Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes in the UK

Green electric bike

The growing popularity of e-bikes in the UK is no accident. As more people become conscious of their carbon footprint and the adverse effects of a purely sedentary lifestyle, they also become interested in alternative means of transport. 

As its name suggests, e-bikes take the form of regular bicycles but with one mechanical difference. Whereas a regular bike relies solely on a cyclist’s ability to propel themselves, e-bikes have electric motors that give the rider an extra push to go a bit faster and power through more difficult terrain.

To illustrate the real-life benefits of e-bikes, here are three reasons why you should buy an e-bike today:

It helps the environment 

E-bikes are great for the environment because they give commuters a viable alternative for commuting to and from work. While regular bicycles can do the job of transporting you just as well, sometimes the distance you need to travel and the effort you need to exert to travel that distance is too great and may even hamper your ability to do work. 

E-bikes help alleviate that concern by reducing the effort that you need to exert to travel greater distances. For one, the motor engine on most e-Bikes in the UK can also help you climb hills with as much as a 10% gradient with ease!

While the average top speed of 15.5 mph will understandably lag behind cars, its manoeuvrability in traffic cannot be beaten. Because of the engine lessens the effort needed to speed up, you will not arrive at work all sweaty and exhausted to do any work!

Finally, the electric bike will also help you save up on transportation costs. Most e-bikes use up only 3p per full charge—which is incomparable to the price of petrol! E-bikes are cheaper than even public transport. Travelcards cost £1,104 annually, which is the same price as a new e-bike, or less if you buy one through the Cycle to Work scheme. 

These qualities make it a sustainable option for commuters! Aside from that, it dramatically increases people’s chances of taking their e-bikes to work and leaving their cars at home more often, if not wholly. 

It encourages physical activity 

While regular bicycles do take more effort and help you burn more calories, the ease-of-use that comes with riding an bike will make you use it more frequently!

As any fitness instructor will tell you, frequency always trumps intensity. If you use your e-bike to commute to and from work every day, the health benefits will be far more significant than if you only rode your regular bike on the weekends. 

Bikes also help people with preexisting conditions that may otherwise prevent them from using a regular bike. For example, people who have cystic fibrosis have historically been unable to do cycling because their lungs cannot support the needed oxygen intake for regular cycling. The pedal assisting features of e-bikes help make the activity manageable for even people with cystic fibrosis, improving both their physical and mental health!

It comes in a lot of varieties

E-bikes come in many styles, colours, and features. You can even choose between price points and financing! 

No matter what your style or preference is, there’s an e-bike that will fit your personality. There are electric bikes designed for men, just as there are a lot of options if you’re looking for electric bikes for ladies. 


E-bikes help you and the environment in more ways than one. While it can be more expensive than regular bikes, it’s still cheaper than owning and maintaining a car or commuting. Financing options are even available if you need them. The benefits are so great that there’s barely anything stopping you from getting an e-bike today!

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