River Cycle Routes in Europe for Your Next eBike Adventure

River Cycle Routes in Europe for Your Next eBike Adventure

Do you want a new thrilling route to try for your next eBike ride? If you like the idea of cycling next to the beautiful rivers of Europe, this article contains ideas for your next eBike routes that will lead you to enchanting views and give you a fantastic ride.

Riverside bicycle routes are getting popular recently. Besides the view, the safe track and the fresh air make the experience worth it. Here are the next courses you should include in your checklist.

#1: Danube Cycle Path 

Location: Germany

Total length: 790 miles

If you are looking for a perfect place to cycle in the upcoming holidays, consider the Danube Cycle Path in Germany. This stretch of river will take you around eight weeks to finish, but you don’t have to finish it all the way. This riverside route starts from Southern Germany and stretches to the Black Sea in Romania. It is also considered the most popular cycle path in continental Europe. 

The Danube Cycle Path is an ideal journey to take for your eBike adventure because it lets you see through the Black Forest, which is often associated with the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Moreover, this stretch is also known for its spas, perfect for when you need a good massage. If you are looking for a place where there are endless sights of vineyards, gothic villages, and riverscapes, make sure not to miss this one. 

#2: Meuse Cycle Route

Location: The Netherlands

Total length: 716 miles

This route is perfect for cyclists of all levels. It lets you follow the path of one of the most important rivers in Europe. The course will start on the plateau of Langres. From the Hoek van Holland, you will make your way up to Rotterdam. By following the path, you get to discover and bike through three countries: France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. 

Expect to see charming towns and villages, beautiful sceneries, a feast of cultural heritage sites, remarkable architecture, and plenty of culinary treasures from the start of your journey until you reach the end. 

#3: ViaRhona

Location: Switzerland

Total length: 559 miles

This cycle route follows the path of Rhone, one of Europe’s mightiest rivers. Expect to see dramatic changes of scenery as you cycle through Geneva and Lyon. The route will head to the river gorges and lead up towards the mountain uplands. However, the cycling road is still in progress, so keep yourself updated. However, to give you an idea of how the route will look, you can check out its GPX route profile. 

What you should look forward to here are the amazing sights you will witness as you cross the section along the Mediterranean coast leading towards Sete. Finishing this track is like cycling through the 2,000 years of history and heritage of the locale. 

#4: Loire À Vélo

Location: France

Total length: 559 miles

This route makes up the western section of the EuroVelo 6 route. It follows the great wild river of France that lets you see the Black Sea up to the Atlantic. If you want to see a UNESCO World Heritage Site while you cycle, this route should be on your list. See the beauty of The Garden of France and the Valley of the Kings firsthand through this journey. 


Cycling, especially in Europe, is a fun and exciting activity to experience. Europe is a small continent with countries right next to each other, making it possible to cycle through different countries in one trip. That gives you an opportunity to see a mix of beautiful landscapes and historical highlights. 

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