How Do Ebikes Work?

How Do Ebikes Work?

Over the last few weeks, we have taken a look at the many physical and mental benefits that come with riding an electric bike, alongside how they can transform your commute. However, one of the most common questions new riders ask us is, “How do eBikes work?”

At the very base, electric bikes are almost the same as a standard pushbike. They look almost identical, have a front and back brake and require the rider to peddle in order to move them. However, an eBike features a number of different components, such as a battery and motor.

What is an eBike?

An electric bike is a pedal bicycle that features an electric motor that supplies the rider with assistance while they are pedalling. This decreases the amount of energy the rider needs to expend while peddling, helping them to go further and for longer. 

The rider is often able to choose the level of assistance that they receive by selecting a differing power mode on the bike. While this sounds simple enough, the technology behind electric bikes is incredibly complex to ensure that you are always getting the maximum performance and the most efficient battery life.

How do they work?

In order to work as efficiently as possible, an electric bike requires a number of sensors. These sensors are responsible for a wide range of measurements, reading the speed of the bike, the input through the pedals and the cadence.

These sensors are continuously monitoring the performance through thousands of calculations a second. When these sensors determine that the rider needs assistance, they instruct the battery to release the power to the electromagnets in the motor.

This helps to make riding easier, and unlike a motorised vehicle, this power is designed to accentuate your pedalling, not replace it. This ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride where the speed is controlled by how much you pedal, just like a normal pushbike.

In order for the eBike to provide you with that assistance while pedalling, then you need to ensure that it is fully charged. Many electric bikes on the market will come with either a removable battery or a way to plug a charger directly into the bike, with the other end simply plugging into any household socket.

One common misconception that new eBike riders believe is that once the battery on an eBike is flat, then they cannot be used. However, that is not true, and it can continue to be used just like a normal bike, ensuring you will never be stranded somewhere should you run out of power!

An important consideration that new electric bike riders should remember is that these bikes are traditionally heavier than your standard pushbike. While this will not have a major impact on how you ride or turn the bike, it is important to remember that this additional weight will increase stopping distance. However, unlike a motorised vehicle, you will not have to worry about the power still being supplied while braking as it stops the moment you stop pedalling. 

Looking to discover the world of eBikes?

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