Ebike Myths: Six Common Misconceptions

Ebike Myths: Six Common Misconceptions

As the popularity of electric bikes continues to grow and more riders discover the benefits that come from riding an eBike, it has led to an array of myths and misconceptions arising. Many of these misconceptions stem from a misunderstanding of how eBikes work, so to help quash these rumours, we have taken a closer look at six of the most common:

  • They’re for lazy people!

One of the most common myths surrounding electric bikes is that they are the go-to choice for lazy people, and they do not help you get fit. This is completely incorrect as modern eBikes are simply ‘electric assist’, which means that users still have to peddle and get their legs working just as they would on a pushbike.

While electric bikes can help to make the ride easier, the impact on your overall fitness has been shown to be negligible.  In fact, thanks to the assistance provided by an eBike, many riders actually use it more frequently and for a longer duration.

  • They’re useless when the battery is flat

Another very common belief is that once the battery on an eBike is flat, they are useless, and riders are left with a heavy, immovable object until it is recharged. Again, this is incorrect, and even when the battery is flat, an electric bike can be used just like a regular pushbike.

Equally, the battery on a modern eBIke is so advanced that they are capable of lasting for a very long time, meaning the chances of being stranded with a flat battery is very low. 

  • They’re harder to ride

Although an eBike might be packed with advanced technology, they are no harder to ride than a traditional pushbike. An electric bike is very simple to ride and requires the same level of skill to ride as a standard bicycle, and all riders need to be aware of is that some bikes can be a little heavier, which just means they might need to brake a little earlier than normal.

  • You can’t ride them in the rain

Electric bikes are becoming incredibly popular in the UK, so not being able to ride them in the rain would mean they would be useless over here! Thankfully, this is another very common myth, and these bikes are perfectly safe to ride in the wet. All of the electrical parts are protected in a waterproof housing, so you do not need to worry about them.

  • They require more maintenance

Owning an eBike requires very little additional maintenance than a standard pushbike. You will still need to keep your tyres pressured, your gears oiled and your brakes in working order, but the only additional aspect to remember is to keep your bike charged. However, this is as simple as plugging your battery into your normal wall socket.

  • They need a licence to ride

Although there are a few additional requirements when it comes to eBikes, such as a limitation on the power the motor can produce and the age of the rider, they do not require a licence or insurance to ride on UK roads.

Want to discover the benefits of an eBike?

Are you thinking about getting an eBike? Despite the myths you might have heard, these electric bikes can transform your riding experience. From making your commute easier and greener to helping you enjoy longer rides at the weekend, an eBike provides you with a wide range of benefits.

Here at Electric Rider, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy these benefits, which is why we are proud to be your one-stop-shop for eMobility solution. So if you want to join the eBike revolution, check out our range of products here. 

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