Best Bike Routes In The UK

Best Bike Routes In The UK

Best Bike Routes For Cycling in the UK 

There’s a reason why e-bike riders flock to the UK from around the world, and you’re about to see that reason for yourself in the 11 examples below.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned expert or if you’re still learning the ropes of e-bike riding, you don’t want to fall into the trap of sticking to your favourite local routes and never leaving. If you feel as though you’re getting slightly worn out just by heading along the same way consistently, and if you feel as though you need a fresh challenge, then this article is for you.

All of the courses that are mentioned below are climbs that you might typically find challenging on a regular bike, but thanks to the power boost from your electric motor, it’s a totally different ball game on an e-bike.

These routes are also relatively close to significant transport routes, meaning you have even fewer reasons not to take them on! Once you add a *rather large* dose of gorgeous views and breathtaking landscapes, then you have all the ingredients that make up the best e-bike routes in the UK.

Here they are then, enjoy

1 - The Settle Circular, Yorkshire. 

Electric Rider - The Settle Circular, Yorkshire

Of course, it comes as no real surprise, that Yorkshire is one of England’s most popular spots when it comes to cycling, especially with e-bikes. This was proven in 2014 when the Tour de France crew arrived in the region for three days worth of cycling. Ever since then, this region has become hugely popular amongst e-bike enthusiasts, who happily travel from all over the country to enjoy this fabulous route.

This 64 kilometre-long trail is one of the most challenging in all of Yorkshire. Still, it is undoubtedly worth it - not to mention the fact that it is made considerably more comfortable by the addition of the small electric battery you will have planted beneath your seat. You will pass through the flattering little towns of Arncliffe, Grassington and Kilnsey, before winding your way through the steep climbs and descents of Pendle Hill, combined with the stunning views that are on offer. 

2 - Assynt Achiltibuie, Scotland

Electric Rider - Assynt Achiltibuie, Scotland

While Yorkshire seems to get most of the attention when it comes to cycling in the North of England, just a little bit further north of the Scottish border will offer you something with a little bit more peace. These hills and mountains are quiet, still and very much unmatched when it comes to the landscape beauty.

Starting in the small little village of Achiltibuie, you will get a full day’s worth of bike riding across what is perhaps the best e-bike route in all of Scotland. And if you do feel your legs tiring out, It may be safe to say that the beautiful backdrop of mountains, coastlines and historical landmarks such as Ardceck castle will be enough to inspire you to keep on pushing.

3 - Camel Trail, Cornwall 

Electric Rider - Camel Trail, Cornwall .jpeg

This spot is the ideal place for a full day of carefree bike riding, regardless of whether you are looking for a little bit of time away, or a dull Sunday afternoon cycle, this Camel trail will genuinely have the ideal route for everyone.

What bike riders appreciate most about this route is that it is free of traffic, leaving just you, your bike and 19 gorgeous kilometres of beautiful Cornwall countryside. Your journey will begin in Padstow, where you can fuel yourself up from one of the delicious Rick Stein eateries, before cycling along the smooth path to Wadebridge. On a regular bike, many would call it a day at this stage, but with the added boost of your electric motor, you can take a trip onto Bodmin, through the scenic woodland, and taking in some breathtaking landscapes as you pass through.

4 - Brecon Beacons National Park

Electric Rider - Brecon Beacons National Park

Now this option in the south of Wales is possibly the most gruesome of them all, regardless of the size of your electric battery. This park is home to Pen y Fan, which is widely known as the highest point in all of the wales at a staggering 882 metres. And once you have climbed to the top of the summit, you will want to stop for a little bit and take all of it in.

The valley itself almost correctly plots two mountains, with the appearance that nature had designed it perfect for bike riders. It involves more than 1000m of upward climbing, so even with your electric motor, I think you’ll feel this one in your thighs. This also means that you will have plenty of time to take in all of the fabulous scenery that you encounter in your journey. It may be difficult, but it’s sure worth it!

5 - Epping Forest

Electric Rider - Epping Forest

If you’re near the capital and you want a way to escape from the bustle of the big city life, then Epping forest is the perfect place to come for a spin on your electric bike. What appeals to most e-bike riders is that there are so many pathways that you can choose from, meaning you can improvise your courses as you go along.

The forest itself is not that long, only 19km in length. This means that it is perfect for you to cycle from one end to the other on a lighter ride, or make an entire loop of the forest if you want to make a whole day of it.

It’s probably best for you to tackle this route during the summer months, as the ground can become very slippery during the winter months, which makes it rather dangerous and tricky to spcycle on.

6 - Calderdale 

Electric Rider - Calderale

Calderdale is another fantastic spot for some of the best e-bike trails in the UK. The Dale itself is challenging terrain; it’s deep, steep and makes for hard work -  putting demand on your thighs and your electric battery. 

What’s more than that is the beautiful scenery on offer. The moors above the valley will surely catch your eye. Not to mention the beautiful towns of Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, wrapped around in distant hillsides and moors on the Northside. To name all of the benefits would require a much, much longer list, there are so many features which makes this one of the best e-bike routes in the UK.

But if we had to pick one section which makes this track so unique, it would be the run from Gorple Stones towards Cant Clough surely!

7 - Box Hill Olympic Circuit, Surrey

Electric Rider - Box Hill Olympic Circuit, Surrey

Along this bike route, you can follow the pedals of the pros while you whiz past some of South England’s most beautiful scenery. Ever since it was made famous by the 2012 games, the Surrey Hills has become one of England’s most prominent e-bike and cycling courses.

The route itself totals 16.8km of countryside road, which makes for the perfect introduction to the area itself and the famous Box Hill. The prize at the end of the two and a half kilometre ascent is the stunning views of the River Mole. There’s no doubt that it’s a tough trail, but it provides enormous rewards for both beginner and experienced riders. 

8 - Bristol to Bath

Electric Rider - Bristol to Bath

This is undoubtedly more of a gentle bike route, one test allows you to travel beyond just one single lap, but rather, let’s you make the journey between two fabulous cities. The course can be done from Bristol to Bath, or vice versa, and riders can enjoy a magnificent display of scenery along the journey,

It’s suitable for riders of all skill levels thanks to the fact that it is mostly tarmacked, flat and free of traffic. There are a handful of lovely little villages and towns which you can stop off in for refreshments. This route is the perfect mix between having an incredible adventure that you can look back on and acting as a cultured tourist for the day.

9 - The Lower Peninsula, South Wales

Electric RIder - The Lower Peninsula, South Wales

Again, this is another challenging route to be found in South Wales, but one that certainly reaps enormous rewards for those who take it on. You will find yourself riding along coastal cliffs, woodlands and dunes, not to mention the rocky hills and steep climbs.

For many riders, what makes for the highlight of this route is the Cefn Bryn. This scenic ridge stretches for more than 8 kilometres and is filled with wild ponies and sheep. The course also offers a high level of choice. Many pathways crisscross throughout the Peninsula and give you an unforgettable experience.

Another thing which you should be aware of if you are planning on taking your e-bike here during the summer is that it can grow very crowded, after all, shouldn’t we expect that from such a scenic route?

10 - Richmond Park, London

Electric Rider - Richmond Park, London

Of course, it wouldn’t be a list of the best bike routes in the UK without including the famous Richmond Park of London. While it only covers just shy of 2,500 acres, don’t be tricked into thinking that it doesn’t have a lot to offer across an 11km route.

If you come here with your electric bike, you may be looking for something a little bit more challenging, and that’s where the secret trick comes into play: laps. The key to Richmond Park in Laps, you can travel in a clockwise fashion and take on the challenge of Broomfield Hill,  or travel anti-clockwise and take on the slightly easier Dark Hill.

Either way, make sure to keep an eye out to get a beautiful view of St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance, and also, keep them peeled to look out for some of the famous deer from around the park.

11 - Sticks Pass and Helevyn, Lake District 

Electric Rider - Sticks Pass and Helevyn, Lake District

Okay, it’s to be admitted: this article was only supposed to offer 10 of the best e-bike routes across the UK, but we just couldn’t complete it without including England’s breathtaking Lake District. There is just something special about cycling in this part of the country. Helvellyn is the third highest peak in the region, but it is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding. 

No part of this ride is for the faint-hearted - regardless of how brave your electric motor makes you feel! Along this ride, you will ascend over 3,000 feet. This means that you need to prepare well, avoid unnecessary risk and ensure that the weather is clear. If you can follow these preparations and ensure that it is safe, you certainly won’t regret taking up this ride.

Final Words

There you have it then, the best e-bike routes across the UK. They are by no means easy, but they are all certainly worth the climb if you can muster enough power from your legs. You’ll have your electric battery with you along the way too, to fill in the gaps when you can feel yourself growing tired. 

But just bear in mind that all of these routes are carefully selected for a variety of factors. One such factor was the sheer beauty that one can experience from the peaks. They are undoubtedly the most breathtaking landscapes amongst the entire continent - if not the whole world! 

And remember, if you don’t climb the mountain, you’ll never see the view!

Safe cycling!

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