Before Dashing Through The Snow: Tips To Prepare Your E-Bike

Before Dashing Through The Snow: Tips To Prepare Your E-Bike

Having an electric bike (e-bike) has likely changed your life for the better, especially since you know you’re doing your part in helping Mother Earth breathe better. It serves as one of the best alternatives to your car, and chances are, you’ll likely want to ride your e-bike even through the winter season. It provides for an amazing exercise routine as well, allowing you to enjoy some sort of achievement in the dreary, snowy months. 

With such frigid weather conditions, however, preparing your e-bike for the season can prove to be tricky. The winter months come with longer nights and extremely freezing temperatures, making your electric bike susceptible to damage. When prepared correctly, however, it can remain as your trusty mode of transportation, even with snow to worry about.

To help you get started, here are three simple tips to help ensure that your e-bike becomes winter-prepared:

Tip #1: Clean your electric bicycle as regularly as possible 

With snow, slush, and mud to go through, your bike will be bound to get dirtier. Riding it through congested traffic won’t help much either, especially since these areas are constantly subject to road maintenance strategies to make roads accessible. Apart from snow, slush, and mud, you’ll also worry about salt, sand, and gravel, leaving your e-bike entirely vulnerable to these elements. 

You’ll likely be pulling up your driveways with an unrecognisable ride, so make sure to keep it spotless by wiping the e-bike’s body down with a damp cloth after every use. You can also opt for special bicycle formula for the chains, leaving it fresh, oiled, and completely ice-free! In doing so, you won’t have to worry about spending your mornings trying to pry ice and other debris off your e-bike—it’ll be entirely spotless for usage once more. 

Tip #2: Invest in winter tires 

Your e-bike is likely fitted with standard tires, which are made specifically for dry riding conditions. In other words, your e-bike is no longer safe for winter, which is why switching your tires out is paramount to ensuring safety. You’ll want to invest in tires that can handle snow and ice very well, especially since friction will no longer be part of your driving routine. 

To ensure a smooth and safe ride, opt to invest in studded tires. You’ll be able to use your e-bike even in the most difficult situations, such as icy and ploughed roads. If you live in an area with softer snow, however, a fat-tire and studless bike tire will do the trick. 

Tip #3: Avoid the slush as much as you can 

With winter tires in place, you’ll be able to take your electric bike out on rides and even use it as your main transportation to work. It’s not only a fun and rewarding experience but completely safe. However, when it comes to winter conditions, keep in mind that safety can quickly melt like snow. That being said, remember to avoid riding in the slush whenever you can.

Slush is made from watery snow, topped with salt that can seep into the parts of your e-bike. This includes difficult to reach areas, and leaving it as is can cause your parts to rust. If necessary, go through the slush but make sure to clean your bike as soon as you can, taking extra measures to ensure total lubrication of all metal parts. 

Enjoying The Winter Wonderland In Your E-Bike

The harsh winter snow may bring dreary and dull days, but the good snowy days can make for an amazing and magical experience. Riding your e-bike can help make that experience even more enjoyable, but make sure to keep these tips in mind as preparation for the potential damages and safety hazards!

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