Are Electric Bikes Easy To Ride?

Are Electric Bikes Easy To Ride?

Electric bikes are fast becoming a common sight on the roads and trails across the UK. An eBike can completely transform the way you use your bike, helping you to ride for longer and further. But how different are they to normal bicycles?

How to ride an eBike

Riding an electric bike is a fantastic way to boost your health and fitness. However, before riding one for the first time, there are a few things that you should consider:

1. Make sure your bike is fully charged

Before hitting the road or the off-road trail for the first time, make sure that your eBike is fully charged. Although it can be ridden like a normal bike, or on a lower charge, for your first experience you will want to maximise your experience and ensure you will not run out of charge mid-ride!

2. Setting off

When you are ready to go for your first ride, you will need to ensure that the battery is switched on and the electric system is powering your bike. This typically requires you to simply press a button on the battery or handlebar, and you will be ready to go. You can also switch the electric power on when riding if you want to get started without assistance.

3. Choose your power mode

Certain electric bikes will have a range of power modes, allowing you to choose the level of assistance you require. These can vary between models, but typically there will be lower power mode to extend the lifespan of the battery and a higher power mode which gives more assistance but shorter battery life.

4. Use your gears as normal

If your eBike comes with gears, then use them as you would on a standard bicycle. Many new riders mistakenly believe that electric power means they will not need to worry about mechanical gears. However, for maximum efficiency and performance, you should ride your electric bike as normal.

5. Stay seated

One important thing to remember when riding an electric bike is to try and remain seated as much as possible. The motor in an eBike adjusts itself according to the effort being applied by pedalling. When you stand up, this can make you pedal more erratically, which can leave the motor having to continuously adjust itself, which results in faster battery drainage.

6. Beware of the weight

One thing that many new riders need to be cautious of is the additional weight that comes with an electric bike. The centre of gravity can be lower, which can change how the bike feels while braking. You should also be aware of the increased speeds that can come with using an eBike as this can mean you will need to brake earlier than you would normally.

7. Looking to discover the benefits of riding an electric bike?

Riding an eBike can be a lot of fun and can help you transform your cycling experience. Riding an electric bike is very easy and is no more challenging than a normal bike, and you should follow the same maintenance and care as you would normally.

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