Are eBikes truly eco-friendly?

Are eBikes truly eco-friendly?

We only have one home in which we call Earth to share with all of us, so it's essential that we treat it well. That means just like we should live a healthy, active lifestyle, when possible, we should also keep our home healthy and reduce our consumption of it.

There are a lot of attempts out there to be more eco-friendly, with various levels of success. For example, more companies are reducing their reliance on plastics, thus reducing their consumption of fossil fuels but not eliminating it altogether.

Then other companies are trying to reinvent how we transport ourselves from Point A to Point Any. We see this specifically in the auto industry and even the biking industry.

So, are eBikes Ecofriendly?

Actually, eBikes and their different variations, such as eScooters, e-Mopeds, and even Electric motorcycles, are incredibly ecofriendly. What makes eBikes so eco-friendly? Where to start is a better question.

First of all, bicycles in general, and with no exception for eBikes, are primarily constructed with recyclable materials. Furthermore, the frame of many of our eBike models is built with metal, usually lightweight metals such as aluminium.

This makes the eBike eco-friendly and makes it highly durable while maintaining the speeds it needs to obtain. In addition, many of our eBikes have anti-corrosion features that help with the longevity of the eBike through heavy weather and rain.

In addition, the other components that make up our eBikes are also primarily recyclable. From the bike chain to the handlebars, we have many features that make up our eBikes that are eco-friendly.

We try to have the entire structure stick with the mission, not just with the electrical power fueling them. Speaking of electricity, the batteries on many of our eBikes are also able to not only be recycled but reused when they reach their end of life, which is way down the line. eBike batteries that are properly maintained can easily last anywhere between three to five years.

What else helps to make eBikes eco-friendly?

Well, the fact that they don't need to use power at all and can use human power, of course! However, the great part about eBikes is that they can take you long distances on their own power or with the help of your two legs.

In addition, all our eBikes can be pedalled, which can conserve battery energy, bring in a healthy workout, and have the battery last even longer, as it takes more time in between charges.

The battery itself is entirely electric-powered, which means that it can use any electric source to power it, and those electric sources themselves can also be from renewable energy.

In fact, let's say you have a solar power solution in your own home; you can easily use an outlet from your home to charge your eBike, all while powering it from electricity obtained from the sun. In addition, these eBike batteries are usually lithium ion-based which means that they can charge pretty quickly, around three to six hours, depending on the battery size. They are also the easiest type of battery to recycle and repurpose for their second life.

We are merely at the start of it all

Even right now, the capacity of eBikes, including our current selection, is at the pinnacle of the eBike universe. They're already at the peak of what a standard bicycle can offer, with the latest offering in technology, from guidance systems and trackers to the battery capacity and distance.

Due to its lightweight structure, eBikes are able to go further than before on a single charge, thus making them an excellent addition to the commuting pool offering. Instead of taking a clunky car to the office and having to pay for expensive insurance, fluctuating gas prices, and maintenance on the high cost of a vehicle, you can opt-in for an eBike.

Depending on the battery size itself, many eBikes can average up to 100 miles per charge, especially with the maximum battery offering on some of our eBikes. Even on the smaller side, they'll still go at ranges of around 40 to 60 miles on a charge. That can easily be enough for a commute, and remember, it only has to be one way. You can simply charge those eBikes at the office, staying eco-friendly and reducing your electricity bill!

You might wonder if they are fast enough to get to work on time when it comes to speed. They should be as the speed limit currently in the UK is 25kph or 15.5mph, enough to get to many short commutes, especially for those who live in cities.

Since you're also driving an eBike and not a massive car, you'll be able to navigate traffic safely, and when you switch to pedalling, you should be able to take shortcuts here and there to save on your commute. Who wouldn't want to save the environment, lose some weight and still get to work on time?

Ok, but this must be prohibitively expensive?

Not at all; eco-friendly doesn't automatically mean high priced. Like regular bikes, there's an extensive range in pricing when it comes to eBikes. Our current range offering is between £750 to just under £6,600.

And that doesn't mean that our lowest priced option isn't packed with features or isn't eco-friendly. For example, our lower-cost option is even a foldable bike for easy storage and convenience, whereas regular bikes with that feature can sometimes be priced even more!

So regarding saving the planet, the age old excuse of its too expensive or out of my price range doesn't apply. Keep in mind that if you're already commuting with some type of vehicle, the price of an eBike, inclusive of charging it, will be significantly lower than commuting with regular transportation.

Are there any specific rules for the UK?

There are some, but nothing too prohibitive, and nothing affecting the cost savings and eco-friendly power of our eBikes. On the contrary, some of the limitations will actually help to preserve the eBike even longer, as there are caps on the battery size, the speed these eBikes can go, and they all need to be pedal-powered and cannot go full throttle.

This means that the bike is being operated under optimal conditions as well as being safer as an increasing number of people join the revolution of eBikes, and other electric powered vehicles.

In the end

So, again, to reiterate, eBikes are highly eco-friendly in numerous ways. It's also a great mental shift in how we see things and how we handle our day to day lives. Getting an eBike is transitioning one's way of life to something that is much more ecofriendly and sustainable overall.

It's the transition from larger vehicles, even if they are public transportation, and heading back towards self-powering our way to the office or the store and not having to rush from all the different locations of our errands in our fossil fuel burning alternatives.

As electric vehicles and eBikes are here to stay, they will continue to get more and more research and development, meaning they’re only going to get lighter, safer, faster, and be able to travel longer distances per charge.

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