Electric Bikes in Brixton

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Brixton is a glorious city to explore on a bike. Having the addition of battery assistance will mean that you not only cover more miles, but you can easily avoid the hassle of public transport. If you're looking to buy electric bikes in Brixton, then this guide is for you.

TFL’s report found that there were record numbers of cyclists in the city. Some weekends, cycling was up 200% from the previous year. With cycling being such a popular activity in Brixton, you know that you will not be short of cycle paths and will be alongside drivers who are used to accommodating cyclists.

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Where to shop for electric bikes in Brixton?

First up, you can of course buy electric bikes online with us. We deliver all of our bikes to Brixton. That includes the following boroughs and beyond:

  • Charing Cross
  • Dulwich
  • East Dulwich
  • Lambeth
  • Balham
  • Westminster
  • London
  • Bermondsey
  • Kensington
  • Rotherhithe

Why us as your Brixton Electric Bike Shop?

Yes we are primarily online, but we offer two things that most brick and mortar stores can't offer and match two things they can.

1. We have the luxury of a huge range of bikes shipped to Brixton postcodes from our HQ. This gives us more room to stock more bikes than a local bike shop in Brixton. We give you more choice

2. Because of our nationwide sales, we are able to be extremely competitive and price match EVERYONE. We will save you money.

And those things that a local shop in Brixton can offer, that we can match too?

1. We have a live web-chat run by cycling fans so we can offer that local shop customer service from the comfort of your own home. How easy is that?

2. You can even try before you buy. So while you're in Brixton and we are online, we can still offer you that option too. See, same as a bike shop in Brixton.

Where To Ride An Electric Bike in Brixton?

You can ride your bike in Brixton on your daily commute. You can also take it on a scenic ride past Plym valley trail – Tunnel Loop, across Saltram House – Gormley sculpture Loop, past Two bridges – Road to Princetown Loop and Modbury Loop from Brixton.

You might even explore some of the cycle paths in Brixton’s parks. Cruise leisurely around Brockwell Park or Santander Cycles and stop off for a quick coffee at one of the nearby cafes.

The possible places to ride your electric bike in Brixton are endless. Take it on the road or on the cycle paths and really explore the city. You’ll be surprised how much more of the city you see on a bike rather than underground on a tube or on a crowded bus.

What electric bike in Brixton is best?

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The bike you choose for riding in Brixton will depend on the type of riding you will mostly be doing. If you are taking your bike on the tube or train and cycling to the office then you will need one that easily folds or is compact. If you live in Brixton and are using the bike during leisure time then you would be best with an e-road bike or an e-step through bike.

Brixton Bike Inspo

If you want to know our current top pick for an electric bike for Brixton, the Lectro E-MTB is a great all around option for under £1000. We cover it in our best guide above.

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    Can you ride bikes in Brixton parks?

    Some parks in Brixton don’t allow cyclists. Brockwell Park however is very cycling friendly. Before you take your bike through one of Brixton’s parks make sure you observe any signs.

    Are electric bikes legal in Brixton?

    Legally, you can ride your ebike on the road, cycle paths and anywhere you can ride a standard bike. You just need to make sure you are not using the motor to propel you faster than 15.5 mph.

    What electric bikes Brixton?

    At Electric Rider we stock lots of different options for ebike. We have foldable bikes, shopper style, step through and road bikes. Our range includes a selection of different motor and battery sizes to suit your needs.

    We sell the brands we know, love and trust. Brands include Dawes Cycles, ARCC, KNAAP Bikes, Lectro, BMC, Cyclotricity, Roodog, Segway and so many more.

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    We also stock e-scooters, e-unicycles, e-mopeds and e-motorbikes as well as all the accessories you could need for a safe, secure and comfortable ride.